A Review of The Succubus Ariel by Cassie Stone

The Succubus Ariel by Cassie Stone

The Succubus Ariel by Cassie Stone

It is important to me that any story, and the characters in it, have a history. The more detailed that is, the better the overall story becomes I think. The thing that isn’t simply to do is to take a known myth, that of Succubi and Incubi, and then add to it in a way that makes sense. As well, making that history work in a modern world setting can be a feat in itself…

  • Title: The Succubus Ariel
  • Author: Cassie Stone
  • Publishing Date: January 2, 2012
  • Length: 41 Pages
  • ASIN: B006T2SUM8
  • This work at Amazon.com

The summary of this story is broken into the five short stories that the book contains:

  • Book 1: Ariel : The Cycle Begins – Ariel begins the first phase of her sexual training at the Temple. Although she appears physically to be little more than an adolescent mortal, she is more than thirty years old. She’s a fast learner, and soon surpasses her new mentor.
  • Book 2: Ariel: The Cycle Continues – Ariel flies through the second phase of her training and gets a new mentor for her third phase. She discovers the talents of the Incubi and the flavor of men. She shows amazing aptitude for so young a Succubus.
  • Book 3: Ariel Grown – Ariel begins the third and final phase of her training. Leaving the Temple for the first time in more than thirty years, she applies the knowledge she has gained to humans who know nothing of Succubi. She succeeds in her Mission beyond anyone’s’ wildest expectations.
  • Book 4: Ariel Unleashed – Several years after the completion of her training, Ariel has become a master Succubus and hedonist. Instead of becoming arrogant and domineering, as many of her sisters do, she has become somewhat of a champion for the sexually challenged. Her exotic tastes are satisfied during Spring Break at Panama City Beach, a place and event she rarely misses.
  • Bonus Book: Lilin Walk The Earth – A Succubus has come to small town Florida, to fulfill her monthly mission, a mission necessary to perpetuate the Children of Lilith. Before her monthly “season” for hunting is over, she must capture the essence of a male human and turn it over to a male of her race, an Incubus.

The one thing about this story that makes it a bit hard to read at times is that, at least in this world, Succubi and Incubi mature slowly… Very slowly. So slowly in fact that a Succubus like Ariel looks to be in her teens, but is in fact well over thirty years of age. This does make for some scenes that are… uncomfortable to read, if you forget about that one fact, and for these stories you really can’t do that.

Setting that small nit aside, the universe this writer has created is very detailed and I think they spent a lot of time working out how things would be in it. The training chapters are filled with sex of course. Well, they have to be as Ariel is learning to be a Succubus. But it’s not sex for the sake of it, which I appreciated. It’s Ariel learning about her powers, what she is, how she will live, and what she needs to do for the sake of her race.

And that brings up what is the core of this story. That the Succubi and Incubi, as a race, are slowly dying out even though they are a long lived, and we are talking millennium, race. How they are different from human beings is also explored and explained, which added another layer to the story. The relationships as well between Ariel and the other Succubi and Incubi is unique as well which makes for a more interesting story.

I also thought that the short mention that some of the Succubi became jaded and turn “evil” over time and that lead to the creation of the darker myths of the Succubi and Incubi was a nice way to tie things together. Also the comment about Lilith being somewhere on the Earth but hidden to those that call themselves Lilin left a door open to more stories set here.

Many wonderful characters in these stories. Ariel, as the focus of them is of course the most fleshed out, but her fellow Succubi, teachers, and Incubi are as well. Some care is also taken with those that Ariel meets that are human. They are not paper cutouts, they seem real, and that again adds to the world.

Ariel in the beginning is a little innocent, but by the end of the anthology has become a powerful Succubus having discovered all that she is and can do. The only problem I have with her, and for that matter all of the Succubi and Incubi in this world is that none of them have horns or a tail… which I think is a shame considering that one of their abilities is to be invisible to everyone save those that they feed upon.

The author can tell a story, but, they have a problem in that sometimes their tenses get messed up or they use words that don’t fit into what events are happening. As well, one of the things that I thought was overdone was Ariel’s need to pleasure herself almost constantly throughout the series here. Yes, Succubi are hyperactive sexually, but that’s not all they are. As well, Ariel’s immaturity gets in the way of the story from time to time and that draws you back to her physical age which, for me, jars me out of the stories more often that i would have liked.

I’ll give this work three and a half pitchforks out of five.

The stories need an editor to fix the small but irritating mistakes that appear. Otherwise the universe, characters, and settings are fascinating to read, if slightly uncomfortable at times…




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    • James on January 27, 2013 at 1:44 pm

    I am not sure what purpose the story device of having the succubi and incubi appear to be adolescent serves, as it simply sounds confusing. Perhaps there will be more Ariel stories that address this?

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    • TeraS on February 5, 2013 at 1:01 pm

    Haven’t found any…


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