Bo, meet Kenzi Vader…

I’ve said many times that Kenzi is my favorite character on Lost Girl… Well, actually sometimes it’s Bo, but honestly Kenzi is the heart of the series I think. She’s smart, she has attitude, and when she looks right, hair, clothing and action… honestly I think she would be a better Succubus than Bo herself. This week we saw SuperKenzi, and oh how I wished that this was her transformed into a Fae…. but it wasn’t. Of course having a staff stuck to your hand permanently would be a huge problem wouldn’t it?

The third episode of the third season, also episode thirty-eight of the Lost Girl TV series was this week. Bo, Dyson and Tamsin get their brains scrambled by a parasite pet of The Morrigan’s while Lauren and Kenzi come to odds over Bo. Lauren’s past is revealed a bit more, Kenzi walks softly and carries a big stick that she can’t let go of, and Vex shares makeup tips along with sage advice…

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This is the third review of the third season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo, Dyson and Tamsin find out that getting stuck with a parasite means that you have a…


The episode begins with Bo (Anna Silk) being held in a head lock by a much larger male Fae who demands that Bo turn over the photo she has of The Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier) in a compromising position from last season. Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) comes rushing towards the two carrying a rock in her hands, but trips and then slides through mud winding up underneath them both. She then punches the Fae between his legs and he releases Bo who then knocks him out with a part of a cinder block. After Kenzi celebrates her “assist”, Bo and Kenzi drag the Fae away and Kenzi makes mention that this was the third time in the past week that Bo had been attacked by Dark Fae of different kinds including a two-headed Fae that “looked like Regis” and a hot dog vender that turned out to be a “fire-breathing frog.” Kenzi then tells Bo that she can’t take much more of these attacks and that Bo doesn’t look too good either. Bo’s answer is that she can take whatever The Morrigan sends her way. Kenzi asks about the injuries that Bo has had, noting that they have been healing very slowly and Bo tells her that she has only been intimate with Lauren which means that her healing abilities are severely curtailed. Bo then confronts Kenzi asking what she has against Lauren. Kenzi tells her that Lauren is: “bossy, territorial and controlling.” Bo tells Kenzi that Lauren things Kenzi is: “immature, irresponsible and clinging.” When Kenzi is shocked by this admission, Bo reminds Kenzi that she said the same things about herself. Kenzi’s answer is that: “Yeah, but when I say it, it’s adorable.” Bo then explains to Kenzi that she loves Lauren and that Kenzi is a huge part of Bo’s life and that: “In the battle of BFF and main squeeze, that I think it’s time we called a truce.” Kenzi isn’t thrilled with the idea, and after Bo asks: “All those on Team Bo?” and they both raise their hands, Bo tells Kenzi that drinks are on her before walking away and Kenzi getting in one more kick to the Fae they just defeated as he lays unconscious in the mud.

The scene switches to The Morrigan’s offices where the male Fae that Bo and Kenzi had defeated, called Bruce (Bob Archer) by the Morrigan, but who is called Steve, has reported to her. The Morrigan is not happy with him when he claims that Bo had an army, saying he is a worse liar than his brother Eric, again incorrect, the correct name is Dave apparently. She then allows him to live saying that if she hadn’t had her nails just done she would “rip your beating heart from your chest.” His answer is that she is too kind. The Morrigan then comments that Bo is starting to become a real problem and sits beside a locked box that begins to move and shake as she begins to unlock it adding that: “If Little Bo Bleep thinks she can play in the big leagues, let the games begin.”

Following the opening credits, the scene shifts to Lauren looking over a medical file and listing off a huge number of tests that have been, apparently, done to someone. Vex (Paul Amos) interrupts asking that she: “wake me up when you get to S&M?” Lauren attempts to say something to Vex, but he stops her saying that she should “give it to me straight.” She then tells him that there is nothing physically wrong with his arm, or his nervous system or anything else that she can find which would explain why his powers are no longer working. Lauren explains that there is no physical reason for Vex’s “mesmeric impotence” as she scratches her head. Vex exclaims that he made her do that, but she tells him that she had an itch so it wasn’t him, deflating his ego as she does so. Lauren suggests that Vex’s problem might be psychological in nature and Vex take affront at this asking if she means he is: “a few ounces short of a pint?” Lauren’s suggestion that Vex’s condition is not uncommon for a Fae of his age only enrages Vex more and more until he tries to use his powers on Lauren again, shaking in the attempt, which does nothing. When Lauren offers a pamphlet on his condition, Vex retaliates with comments on Lauren and Bo’s relationship, such as it will be a temporary relationship, and that Bo is the “Energizer SuccuBunny”. He also suggests that Dyson could keep up with Bo and that Lauren cannot which eventually makes Lauren throw Vex out the door.

Vex then goes to the Dal Riata to drink his sorrows away and tell Trick (Richard Howland) about his misery, which he does as Trick works at cleaning a glass. When Vex suddenly realizes that Trick isn’t actually listening to him, he yells at Trick that he is still talking to him, which results in Trick removing ear plugs and asking, in surprise: “Still?” When Vex continues, Trick turns away and goes back to his work. Elsewhere in the Dal Riata, Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) is playing pool while Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) is attempting to engage him to talk about a series of case files she has with him. Vex goes over to them and tries to start a conversation, but Dyson tells Vex that he won’t buy him another drink and when Vex exclaims that he is offended, Tamsin tells Vex to go away explaining that they have been listening to Vex’s story about the Light and Dark not wanting him for days on end and then also adding that Vex has no friends as well. Dyson commenting that it: “Sucks to be Vex.” before pushing Vex to the side and he walks away. Bo then enters, looking over to Dyson who nods, and Tamsin just gives Bo a cold look before Bo continues on to talk to Trick. When she asks Trick what it up with Tamsin, Trick’s answer is that: “She’s just not feeling the love.” When Bo asks why, Trick tells Bo that Tamsin thinks that Bo is a murderer, but then asks what Bo has been up to as he removes a smudge of dirt from Bo’s chin. Bo attempts to tell Trick that the attacks from The Morrigan are nothing she can’t handle and that the Light and Dark have “agreed to play nice.” But Trick reminds Bo that unaligned means unprotected. She shows him her “insurance policy” she has which is the image of The Morrigan handcuffed to a bed under Bo’s influence which Vex notices she has from across the room. Trick warns Bo that she needs to take a break from working for The Ash as Vex bumps into Bo and lifts Bo’s phone from her.

The next scene is of Hale (K.C. Collins) talking to Bo, telling her that she angered The Morrigan and placed all that is going on with her actions. Bo questions Hale’s experiment of partnering Dyson and Tamsin together, but Hale tells Bo that: “Cynicism like that has kept our two sides apart for centuries.” When Hale asks why Bo cares so much about who Dyson is paired with, Bo’s answer that she doesn’t care isn’t really accepted as the truth by Hale. He then offers Bo a “declaration to the Light” to Bo, but she refuses and he tells her that she can’t; “Blame an Ash for trying.” Bo then leaves saying that she can “handle the shit storm but Kenzi is starting to feel the strain.” As Bo leaves, Hale stops her and explains that since The Garuda’s attacks, he did some inventorying of the Ash’s archives and has found many items are missing, one of these being a “Staff of Righteousness”, a treasured ceremonial and very powerful artifact which he asks Bo to recover for him from a Fae pawnbroker and Bo agrees to do so in return for Hale posting a security detail near Bo’s home to protect her. But Hale reveals something about the staff to Bo which is not revealed before the scene shifts away.

Vex is seen entering The Morrigan’s office being escorted in by “Bruce” who just turns away in frustration when Vex uses that name instead of his real one, Steve. What follows in Vex attempting to get into The Morrigan’s good graces by offering Bo’s cellphone with the image of The Morrigan in handcuffs which she then deletes from the phone. Vex is confused that The Morrigan is not pleased with him, she explains that: “If you wanted to please me, you would have brought me that bitch’s head on a platter” as she pours a drink for herself and Vex, dropping something into Vex’s glass as she does so. She then tells Vex to drink up, which he does, and that the next time she sees him, either he or Bo will be dead, the choice being his. Vex then leaves, The Morrigan smiling as he does so.

After a commercial break, Bo visits Lauren in her office, carrying what appears to be the “Staff of Righteousness” Hale asked her to recover, and wearing gloves in both hands. Bo asks what Lauren is up to and she flippantly says “some doctorey stuff,” but Bo tells Lauren that she is actually interested in what Lauren does. Lauren is surprised and asks if Bo really wants to hear about her latest monograph, which she recites very quickly the title which is on: “The Rhizome Repellant Gradient of Fae Blood compared with Human Blood especially when suspended in an Isotonic Solution?” Bo’s answer is that: “Or we could go to a movie?” Lauren’s answer is: “Okay”, but then asks what Bo brought with her. Bo explains that it is the “Staff of Righteousness” and that Lauren should not touch it. Lauren then approaches Bo and asks, smiling, what she can touch. Bo tells Lauren she’s “funny” before Lauren kisses Bo on the neck, which makes Bo’s eyes flutter and she moans softly before Lauren pulls back. Bo asks Lauren what has gotten into her, and Lauren replies nothing yet, but then whispers and idea into Bo’s ear that the audience cannot hear which makes Bo smile, laugh, and comment that: “And I only thought I came by to see if I left my phone here.” Lauren thinks about this for a moment and then looks into Bo’s cleavage saying that: “Well, it’s not there, but maybe with some luck you left it on vibrate” as the two embrace. Bo asks Lauren if she is too tired after last night, but Lauren’s answer is that she is: “Going for the gold in the SuccuGames.” Bo is amused by this and tells Lauren that she has no idea what has gotten into her, but: “Far be it for be to get in the way of a young athlete’s dreams” before the scene ends with the two kissing.

The next scene has Kenzi arriving at Bo’s place, Vex already there laying on the couch with a bottle in his hand and thinking about something. Kenzi grabs a cookie and then sits beside him, asking what the problem is. Vex explains that the problem is his arm and that his powers are gone. Kenzi tells Vex that now he knows what it’s like to be in “Kenzi-ville” with superheroes all around her everyday. Kenzi then tells Vex that she wants to talk about something much more important to which he scoffs. But when Kenzi asks him about mascara, Vex immediately is fully attentive. Vex reveals that he learned his technique from Da Vinci, which completely amazes Kenzi. Vex also comments that Da Vinci was over David like “curry on chips.” Vex then begins to work on Kenzi’s lashes as Bo enters. She places the “Staff of Righteousness” on a table and then starts looking for her phone. At one point she starts looking into the cushions on the sofa that Vex is laying on. As Bo comes very close to Vex, something within his neck leaves and then burrows into Bo’s neck. Bo stops moving for a moment, her eyes change colour, and then her personality changes, she begins to talk and act something like a airhead or Valley Girl, saying that Kenzi and Vex are: “So cute together.” Things get a bit weirder when Bo pouts that she thought that Tamsin could be her friend, calling her: “So mean girl.” Vex asks if Bo: “Rummaged through my bag and scarfed down a couple of yellow pills with tigers on them?” Bo’s attention then shifts to Dyson and she runs out of the room in search for him. Vex then asks Kenzi what is going on between her and Lauren, also teasing her about her reactions when Dyson appears. Kenzi is miffed at Vex and demands to know if he will show her the techniques for perfect lashes, Vex relents saying that he is so proud of her and continues to do so.

At the Dal Riata, Bo and Dyson are talking, Bo telling Dyson that: “I do not like your friend,” Dyson replying that Tamsin isn’t his friend. Dyson realizes that Bo’s mannerisms are wrong and asks if she has been drinking. Things become more confusing when Bo asks Dyson if he has fake ID to get drinks. Then Bo moves close to Dyson and something passes from her to him, the creature burrowing under Dyson’s skin. For an instant Dyson seems normal and then, like Bo, his mannerisms change and he seems to regress mentally to being a teenager. Dyson then runs away from Bo as Lauren arrives. Bo calls her over and in an excited teenage way Bo tells her that she thinks that Dyson likes her. Lauren is baffled by Bo’s behaviour and is off balance as Bo and Dyson wave to each other in a childish way before the scene ends.

After another commercial break, Lauren has Bo at her office and is examining her. She is sure that something is wrong with Bo but cannot seem to figure out what that could be. Bo becomes more and more childish as Lauren continues to try and solve the mystery, but Bo is of no help at all, seemingly unable to act mature or think clearly at any time. Back at the Dal Riata, Dyson’s personality has also changed to that of a teenager as he talks to Tamsin. Tamsin has an idea that something is wrong, but before she can do anything about this, Dyson comes close and, once again, the creature jumps and then Tamsin also seems to regress in her personality to that of a teenager. Elsewhere, Lauren has returned with Bo and she is talking to Trick. Bo appears and asks Trick for the car keys, Trick refuses, and then Bo goes off to pout, threatening to count to one hundred in French which she then attempts to do… loudly. As this goes on, Trick and Lauren try to figure out if the “Staff of Righteousness” is the cause of the personality changes, but Trick does not believe so. Then Trick realizes that Bo has stopped counting and Bo is seen dancing on top of the bar to the hooting and cheers of the men around her. Lauren manages to stop her, but then Dyson and Tamsin call each other cheaters and the pair begin to fight like children.

Kenzi and Vex are still working on their makeup as Lauren arrives with Bo, Dyson and Tamsin in tow. Bo complains that Lauren can’t ground them, but then she and the others run upstairs to Bo’s room. Lauren begins to explain that something is going on when a Pig UnderFae barges in looking for something. Lauren and Kenzi watch as the Fae seems to be sniffing around looking for something and as that happens, Lauren asks where the weapons are, they are upstairs, and that leads to Lauren asking Kenzi to think of something. Vex tries to use his powers to stop the Fae, but nothing happens and he it tossed aside. Lauren then defends herself with a candelabra as Kenzi scrambles around looking for a weapon and picks up the “Staff of Righteousness”. It transforms in Kenzi’s right hand into a much longer staff-like weapon. She then is pulled over to where Lauren is and quickly dispatches the Pig Fae, the final strike throwing the creature across the room and into a wall. In the aftermath, Kenzi looks at the unmoving Fae and says: “That’ll do pig. That’ll do.” But when Kenzi tries to drop the Staff, she cannot do so. The three approach the Pig Fae and discover that it is laying on the floor dead from Kenzi’s attack. Kenzi looks at the Staff saying: “All I did was pick of this shillelagh and now I’m Darth Vader.” She then continues to try to let go of it, but comments that it’s like it was crazy glued to her hand. Vex looks at Kenzi and says: “Yeah, that happened to me once… Painful.”

Another commercial and we return to Kenzi still trying to let go of the Staff while Lauren and Vex look on. Lauren notes that there seems to be an energy bond between the Staff and Kenzi, but she has no idea how to break it. After Kenzi comments: “Worst hand job ever”, Vex offers to use a knife to cut Kenzi free, but Kenzi strikes his hand with the Staff, but this happens without her control and this frightens her. Meanwhile, Bo, Dyson and Tamsin are in Bo’s bedroom. Dyson telling Bo her music sucks, her answer is that all of it was supposed to be ironic, and Tamsin finds Bo’s sword collection which causes Dyson to speak with a Scottish accent, but Bo doesn’t like it much. Kenzi rushes in and tries to tell them that they are being attacked, but none of them really care about it. As Kenzi continues to rant, Bo suddenly interrupts and tells them that Dyson “touched my boob.” Dyson claims it was his elbow and it doesn’t count. To add to the confusion as Lauren and Kenzi leave the room, Dyson, Bo and Tamsin start calling out for pizza before Dyson and Tamsin start playing with the swords in mock fighting like children. Vex continues to attempt to free Kenzi of the Staff as she and Lauren try to figure out why Vex hasn’t been infected as what is happening only seems to effect Fae. Vex brushes this off as “genetic superiority” but Lauren notices that there is a strange growth on his neck and removes it to discover that it is what is left of some kind of a cocoon, and she further comes to the conclusion that it must be some kind of parasite. Lauren also states that whatever it was, it is no longer within Vex. When she asks if Vex had been with any strange Fae recently, Vex swears about: “That damn bitch” but then covers this up by telling Lauren and Kenzi that he is off to get Trick for some help and leaves.

Vex confronts The Morrigan who tells Vex that she used him to spread a parasite which saps its victims of the nymphoid hormone which “turns them into self-obessed brats too young for Fae powers.” Vex realizes that this makes them completely vulnerable to attack and then asks about the Pig Fae that attacked. The Morrigan explains that those infected have a scent that the Pig Fae track and then will attack the infected and kill them. Vex tells her that Bo, Dyson and Tamsin have been all infected, but Kenzi stopped the Pig Fae attacker. She finds this interesting as: “Three of my favourite people, trapped in one place, with no way to defend themselves.” She then tells Vex that if he wants to prove himself loyal to her, then he will kill Dyson, Bo and Tamsin as well as bringing her the Staff. She offers Vex an “entry level position” if he does so, but Vex counters that he wants his titles back, his club and a million dollars. The Morrigan agrees to this.

Kenzi and Lauren are still trying to figure out what’s going on. Kenzi blames Lauren for her having the Staff stuck to her hand, Lauren tries to explain that she didn’t know and Kenzi makes fun of Lauren in return. Lauren then snaps back that Kenzi should try once to be helpful which doesn’t go over well with Kenzi. Lauren then pushes on saying that Kenzi goes through her life without a job, no plan except one beer to the next, and that everyone dotes on her. When Kenzi talks back, Lauren rolls her eyes and Kenzi berates her for doing so, talking about Lauren’s “normal upbringing and medical degree.” Lauren tells Kenzi that she knows nothing about her, Kenzi’s answer is: “You think you are too good for me.” Lauren dismisses this saying: “No, you think that I’m not good enough for Bo.” The two fall silent and then Kenzi says in frustration: “She’s my best friend.” Lauren’s answer is: “And I love her.” Kenzi acknowledges this before pacing around and then asking if Lauren is sure they aren’t infected. Lauren is sure, telling Kenzi that: “We’re just stupid.” Kenzi calms down and then manages with a smile: “I prefer emotional.” Lauren nods, asks if she wants to move on, and the two of them deal with the dead Pig Fae in the other room.

Upstairs, Dyson is asleep while Bo and Tamsin sit on Bo’s bed and talk. When Bo says she doesn’t understand why Tamsin is the way she is, Tamsin’s answer is that she thinks she wasn’t supposed to like Bo. Tamsin then reveals she is a Valkyrie, and that she isn’t sure what that means exactly. But she does know that: “Sometimes when I like people I have to make them go away.” When Bo wants more information on this, Tamsin makes her promise never to tell, and Bo crosses her heart and promises never to tell, but Tamsin says she’s not supposed to. Then Bo gets the idea that they write their darkest secret as a poem and share them with each other. Tamsin tells Bo she’s “awesome” and Bo tells Tamsin the same before the two start writing.

Lauren and Kenzi examine the dead Pig Fae and Lauren comes to the conclusion that the Pig Fae smelled out who was infected and also that she expects more of them to appear. Lauren then tells Kenzi that she thinks she can create an antitoxin to remove the parasite from Bo and the others. Kenzi asks if Lauren needs a lab, but Lauren tells Kenzi that she can make do with what’s around them and her doctor’s bag. She then gives Kenzi a list that includes: baking powder, vinegar, turmeric, garlic, hair spray, and lubricating oil. Kenzi’s only question is: “flavoured or bulk?” Lauren then turns towards upstairs and says “I need to get a sample.” Kenzi asks if Lauren is really sure about this, and Lauren says: “I think I can do this.” Kenzi manages to reply: “You are as stubborn as you are bossy. Godspeed.”

There is a jumpcut to the next scene which shows Kenzi finishing with the ingredients as Lauren returns from upstairs and says: “I don’t want to talk about it, but I got it.” When Lauren sees what Kenzi has put together she compliments Kenzi on a “nice job.” Kenzi adds that she also put a “Home Alone warning system” outside to let them know if someone was coming. Lauren then sets to work and Kenzi wonders about the “crazy ass medical school” Lauren went to. Lauren’s answer is: “Yale taught me Chemistry and Psychology, but this stuff is experience, luck and whatever I figured out in the field.” Kenzi asks what “field” means and Lauren’s answer is: “Afghanistan.” When Kenzi asks how long, Lauren’s only answer is: “Long enough.” Kenzi asks Lauren why she never said so, and Lauren tells her that she never asked. The two share a long look at each other before Lauren continues her work.

Back upstairs, Bo and Tamsin are still on Bo’s bed together and listening to Dyson go to the bathroom. They then turn their attention to the poems they wrote, saying that they liked each other’s, but Bo tells Tamsin that she wishes that she could help her. Tamsin’s answer is that no one can. Then they eat the poems they wrote and promise each other never to tell. Lauren in the meantime has almost finished her preparations as there is the sound of something falling over and a cat screeching outside. Moments later Vex arrives with three Pig Fae and confronts Kenzi. Kenzi asks Vex what he is doing, and Vex’s answer is: “Going home” as he sends the Pig Fae to attack Kenzi.

After a commercial, we return to see Kenzi defending herself with the help of the Staff, knocking down the Pig Fae before Vex grabs her from behind. Kenzi is enraged at what Vex has done and manages to get free of him as Lauren throws a bar stool at Vex and the fight pauses for a moment. And then from upstairs the song Hungry Like The Wolf starts playing and Vex says in confusion: “Duran Duran?” before running off and the Pig Fae attack Kenzi again. Upstairs, Dyson is performing a striptease on top of Bo’s bed and she and Tamsin cheer him on. Kenzi at that moment is battling the three Pig Fae, the Staff giving her Fae-like moves allowing her to hold her own as they attack her. Several of these moves are very ninja-like and she ends one series of moves in the attack stance. Shifting back upstairs again, Bo tells Tamsin to crank up the music which drowns out the battle below them. Lauren gets an injection ready and moves towards the stairs at Kenzi’s urging. When Lauren asks if Kenzi will be okay, Kenzi’s answer, after taking the three Pig Fae down again is: “Sure. This is kind of fun.” Lauren nods: “Way to not over think it.” As Lauren runs upstairs and Kenzi stands alone in the room with the Pig Fae at her feet, Vex returns and tells Kenzi that he wants the Staff. Kenzi drops into the defence position and replies: “Come closer. Let me give it to you.” Vex then brandishes a fire axe in return and the two face off against each other. Once more upstairs, Dyson, Bo and Tamsin are playing strip spin-the-bottle. Bo spins a bottle of hair shampoo and then says she has to kiss Tamsin. The two of them kiss, and Bo’s eyes turn a bright blue as she takes a bit of Tamsin’s Chi from her. Lauren arrives and asks if they are playing spin the bottle, Dyson nods in agreement as Bo and Tamsin try to kiss again. However Lauren jabs Bo in the back with the antitoxin and injects her with it. Dyson asks where the pizza is, and Lauren’s answer is that there is no pizza.

Back downstairs, Kenzi moves to attack Vex, but the Pig Fae take hold of her and restrain her. Kenzi curses Vex in Russian and then bemoans that she shared her “purple pixie glitter” with him. Vex circles around Kenzi saying: “You think sharing makeup makes us friends?” Kenzi tells Vex: “Don’t do this, I thought you were your own man.” Vex claims he is doing this for himself, but Kenzi tells him that he is doing this for: “That stupid bitch!” Vex tells Kenzi that anything is better than what he is going through: “Sleeping on a couch, people are laughing at me to my face.” Kenzi cannot believe that Vex actually thinks The Morrigan will welcome him back, but Vex tells Kenzi: “Look love, you have obviously read the book on Hostage Negotiation 101 so can we skip to the part where you tell me I’m better than this?” Kenzi calmly tells Vex that he is better, but Vex tells her he isn’t. Kenzi tells Vex that losing his powers was the best thing that ever happened to him. That she met the real Vex, that he is an artist, a gentle soul, and he would not betray himself for her. Then a Pig Fae moves to bite Kenzi’s neck and Vex raises the axe he holds and strikes with it. Lauren rushes into the room to see Vex holding a bloody axe and Kenzi on the floor along with one of the Pig Fae, both not moving. Kenzi then pushes the Pig Fae aside and Vex says: “I’m getting soft in my old age.” Kenzi then rushes over to Vex yelling: “Good choice! Good choice!” The Pig Fae that remain then turn to go upstairs, making Vex and Kenzi get ready to fight again. Lauren tells them: “It’s alright. She’s coming.” Moments later Bo appears saying: “Time for Mama to bring home the bacon.”

The scene shifts to Lauren and Kenzi looking out a window as Bo battles with the Pig Fae outside, the pair oohing and awing. Vex then interrupts saying that: “All’s well that ends well? No hard feelings?” Lauren turns around and decks Vex with one punch which Kenzi congratulates Lauren on before they return to watching the fight outside.

We then find Bo, Dyson, and Tamsin drinking at the Dal Riata, their memories blurred and fuzzy unable to remember anything that happened while they were under the influence of the parasite. Tamsin thanks Bo for messing up her weekend with paperwork and then leaves. Bo comments that Tamsin is no fun at all and Dyson mumbles in agreement. Bo then looks at her beer bottle and then begins to hum Hungry Like The Wolf, Dyson adding to the humming a moment later. The two continue humming and then suddenly stop and look at each other in confusion before simultaneously taking a drink together.

Kenzi is with Trick and he is trying to figure out a way for Kenzi to be freed from the Staff and reads from a book which says: “The one that touches the Staff of Righteousness shall take up the noble cause, accept the mantle of sacred ruler of Forest Nymphs and Sprites and fight for truth and justice throughout the land until the end of their natural days.” Kenzi is shocked, more so when Trick tells her that it is a huge responsibility that Kenzi has taken on. Kenzi tries to explain that all she did was: “Pick up a frigging stick!” Trick tells Kenzi: “That’s how destiny works. One day you are you, the next day…” Kenzi finishes with: “I’m a superhero.” Kenzi then tries to rationalize her situation: “Pro, I could be awesome forever.” Trick agrees. “Con, I would have to learn how to do everything with my left hand. And I mean… everything.” Trick then tells Kenzi that: “As a last desperate resort, there is an escape clause.” Without hesitation, Kenzi agrees and asks what it is. Trick then tells Kenzi to close her eyes, not to peek, and say “I decline.” Kenzi does so and the Staff releases her immediately. Kenzi is in shock that it worked, not believing that it was so easy to do. When she asks why Trick didn’t just say so, Trick’s answer is: “What? The Blood King can’t have a little fun?” as Kenzi looks to be close to tears as she watches the Staff turn back into a seemingly innocent stick of wood.

After the final commercial, The Morrigan and Hale, as The Ash, meet at the Dal Riata. After dismissing Hale’s decorator, Hale tells her that it is a work in progress, and she replies: “Much like yourself.” Hale tells her that she is not off the hook for what she did. The Morrigan attempts to talk her way out, but Hale reminds her that she violated Fae law. Again she dismisses this as having some fun. Hale continues saying that she “executed a blatant attack on the Light” but again, she dismisses this saying: “I remember the old days, a little raping, a little pillaging, a little collateral damage and then you have yourself a party.” Hale is unimpressed and tells her that what she did may have put the peace plans into jeopardy, and also reminds her that the plan was endorsed by the Fae Elders as well. When she again tries to talk her way out of trouble, Hale tells her that: “I was a cop for thirty years. One thing I learned? Bullshit stinks. And lady you reek.” Hale then warns The Morrigan that if she ever does anything like what she did again he will: “Personally rip your head off and shove it up your little white ass. This detente is too important to be screwed up by some petty feud. Am I clear?” The Morrigan is silent for a moment and then answers: “Crystal.”

The final scene of the episode begins with Vex packing up his things as Kenzi returns home with Bo. When Kenzi realizes what Vex is doing, she asks where he is going, but his answer is that he doesn’t know. Bo leaves the two alone, saying that she’s going to make some tea. Kenzi tells Vex that all is forgiven, but he tells her that it shouldn’t be, that he can’t stay after what happened. Kenzi tells Vex that he saved her life, but he lies saying that the Pig Fae moved at just the right moment. Vex then tells Kenzi that if she knew his past, she would know that he is a betting man. Vex explains that he needs to take some time, to get away and think, scoffing at Lauren and humans in general a bit as he does so. Kenzi asks if he is thinking about Tibet, Vex’s answer is: “India via Vegas.” Vex then tells Kenzi that he will be back, “fully arms and ready to rock.” Kenzi asks how she can be sure that he will return, and Vex’s answer is to give Kenzi his Ebony Handled Bison Bristled Hand brush which completely shocks her. The two embrace and Vex warns Kenzi that if she loses it he will kill her before squeezing her arm. Vex gathers his bag and walks towards the door, saying as he does: “Catch you in another lifetime… Maybe.” and then disappears out the door leaving Kenzi and Bo behind. Bo joins Kenzi on the couch, looking where Vex just left. Kenzi sighs: “I’m going to miss that A-hole.” Bo hugs her and shares a plate of cookies saying: “I know. Here.” The last image of the episode being Bo embracing Kenzi with one hand, holding the plate of cookies in the other, and Kenzi nibbling at one of them.

Fade to black…

There was a lot to like this time. Vex and what happens to him, Kenzi becoming “SuperKenzi” though I like of like the idea of calling her Kenzi Vader. Some things about Lauren we ever knew, a side of Hale that we didn’t expect… Lots of little things that all together managed to save this episode from itself.

When the core part of the episode is supposed to be the parasite’s effects and you find yourself throwing popcorn at the television until it gets away from that and back to other things… That’s bad. I understand that it was mainly to make this episode about Vex, Lauren and Kenzi, and they needed to get Bo, Dyson and Tamsin out of the way… but… I was just not happy with this at all.

I was happy to have a glimpse, even if it wasn’t the real answer, about what might happen to Kenzi in the future. Now I have to say that personally I think Kenzi is the real Lost Girl and I have the oddest feeling that she has been hiding something important from the very beginning from the others. I have no idea what that is, but, imagine if Kenzi is Fae but had a means to hide that? Kenzi as a Succubus Queen really interests me… a lot. And I’ll probably say that over and over again whether or not it ever, actually, happens or not.

As much as I liked this episode, we seem to be stuck in filler episodes and that really bothers me more and more. I’ve noticed that the real meat of the seasons don’t seem to happen until the fifth, eighth, and then from the tenth to the end of the season. I am splitting the second season in half for this thought to be clear. That means the majority of the season isn’t focused on the overall arc. And it should be.

This was an episode of silliness mixed with some deep moments for the characters. It would be nice if the silliness was toned down a little bit for the stories themselves…

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… Not really anything like being a Succubus this episode. To be honest, Valley Girl/Bimbo Bo just made me wince in pain. It also bothers me, again, that she ins’t acting like a Succubus but as a Buffy-kind-of-also-ran. There is a lot more in her that is more interesting than this. For example, if Bo had regressed in age to how she was as a youngster for real, I can’t see that she would be talking and acting as she did. Because the series has already told us she grew up on a farm. So nothing of how she acted made any sense at all.

Dyson… It was nice to see him, before the personality change at least, trying to make a connection with Bo in spite of the one that Lauren has with her. But then the shift happens and we get a Dyson that is… wrong. So very wrong. I do understand that the parasite caused changes that don’t necessarily mean this is how he was, and we all know he wasn’t. But I reall don’t need to see him again like this. Just wrong.

Kenzi… Kenzi. Vader. Oh my goodness, the action sequence which ended with her in a defence posture? Wow. That had to be the most amazing scene in the entire series. But it wasn’t just that Kenzi was kicking butt this week. She had so many lines that were amazing, the scenes with Vex trying to connect with him, and the very last scene? Just something I will remember. And I will want to see Kenzi in that red and black dress again at some point in the series. That just worked for her. Gosh, how did it ever. Have I mentioned how Kenzi can out-Succubus Bo at times? This was one of those moments and I loved it. Favourite Kenzi Line: “Worst hand job ever.”

Trick. A neat scene at the beginning with Vex, the ear plugs were a cute touch, but the end scene with Kenzi? That let us see the Trick we know and love… I want to see more of that and soon. I miss Trick a lot.

Hale. Again, very little Hale in this episode. I did like the end scene with The Morrigan putting her in her place. I think for once we see what Hale is capable of when people he cares about are threatened… But I fear for him… The Ash never seems to survive and I don’t want to lose him…

Lauren. There was a lot revealed about her this time. How much she cares for Bo, some of her past which begs so many questions to be answered. Where has she been? Seen? Done? There’s a part of her that we get a glimpse of once in a while and I think that needs to be explored as much as possible and as soon as possible. Please?

Vex. I will miss him. Once I didn’t care much for him, who he was, how he acted. But in this one episode he went from nothing really special to someone I was sad to see go. There’s so much about him we don’t know and I’d like to know. He is, now that I think about it, about as big a mystery as Kenzi… Perhaps that’s why they gravitated towards each other this episode. I’d like him back… Now wouldn’t be too soon.

Tamsin: It’s odd, but I liked her a lot more this episode. Perhaps it was because she wasn’t so much of an ass this time. Or that her younger self is someone that you feel for. Or her hairstyle wasn’t so severe… I’m not sure exactly what, but it didn’t last, it couldn’t of course, and so… I’m still not liking her one bit.

The Morrigan. Still the same over the top, self absorbed, vain… Come to think about it, I wonder if she isn’t infected by a parasite… Regardless, I see have problems with her as being Bo’s main opponent and I hope that she isn’t this year. Otherwise I can see Bo killing her when Bo turns Dark… Bo as The Morrigan? That would be weird wouldn’t it?

There was only one other credited character… Bruce. I have to say that his interaction with The Morrigan and Vex when they got his name wrong made me laugh… I know he was a minor character, but I would have liked to know what kind of Fae he was, and more about him… Never will though I know.

That’s the sad part… So much we will likely never know because so much of this episode was a throwaway…


My Review of ConFaegion

Keeping my interest – 3 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 1 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 4 Pitchforks

Storyline – 4 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 4 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 3.4 Pitchforks out of 5

I really was more interested in this episode than any other so far this season. Now, most of that was the awesomeness of Kenzi, I mean, Ninja-Vader Kenzi? Oh I like that a lot. It was also interesting that some hints were dropped about Tamsin which I just know will be character points later on. Of course neither Dyson, Bo or Tamsin remembered a thing at the end, but… still… something to think about.

I understand the idea of putting them all back into their teens and seeing what happened with that, but I can’t honestly believe that any of those three were anything like they acted when they were that age. Still, the way things went in this episode nothing that happened to those three really mattered. What did was Kenzi and Lauren getting themselves straightened out some, and Vex figuring out that there are more important things than The Morrigan for him.

That also brings me to the underlying threat from Hale to The Morrigan. I can see her taking some revenge in some way and that brings me to that favour that Kenzi owes her. I see that going less towards Bo and more towards Hale. And I for one do not want Hale to be a victim of the “red-shirt” side effects of being The Ash.

As much as a lot of this episode was filler, and there was a lot, there was still a lot to pay attention to and file away for a later point in the series. There are several things here that I think will return later on.

The one that I think about a lot is Kenzi and that Staff. I have the oddest thought that she will pick up that Staff again later in the season to go up against Bo when she turns, as I think she will.. dark. But here’s a better thought, one that I think I need to write about…

What if Kenzi is in truth a Succubus Queen? Wouldn’t that be such a major twist on the entire series and theme? That Kenzi is the Lost Girl in truth? It’s a fascinating thought to me anyway…

Bo didn’t act like a Succubus at all in this episode. Honestly one kiss with Tamsin and a bit of Chi passing between them? That’s it? Very disappointing. To be honest, I thought that Kenzi in her red and black dress looked like a Succubus should… but I digress…

There really wasn’t much in the way of new sets this episode as they focused on the Dal Riata, Bo’s place and The Morrigan’s office for the most part. I will give points for the mud wrestling match at the beginning of the episode… I have to wonder if they had to do a lot of takes of that one… if they did, I’m sure the cast wasn’t thrilled by the end of it all.

The storyline of the parasite didn’t do a lot for me as a story. I was more riveted by what happens to Vex, to Kenzi, and to Lauren than anyone else in the episode. I really do wonder when the preliminaries of this season are going to be finished and we’ll see exactly what is going to happen to Bo. And Kenzi. And Dyson. And… Well, you get the idea I’m sure. Stand alone episodes with really no, or very little, bearing or effects on the series as a whole just reall bother me a lot. We’re through three episodes, there are only ten left… They should get moving on things now… please?

The development in this episode was all in the relationship between Kenzi and Lauren. That was important and I am sure that this matters in the future. But really what made this episode was what Vex went through. He isn’t the same Vex as he was, and honestly I think that’s the most important thing here. Something does stick in my mind about Vex however. He can’t use his powers and the arm he uses is the same one that Bo’s blood was injected into him… I sense a connection there… and I hope that Vex returns soon. He’s a character that, like Kenzi, brings a lot of life to the series as a whole.

There was a little more added to the series mythos, which is good, but what was missing was the actual names of some of the new Fae and creatures. Not to mention that tease about Lauren’s past, Vex’s future, the Morrigan’s plans… What exactly that parasite was… So many open questions left unanswered and that bothers me. In the past a lot of that was revealed which added a lot of flavour to the series. It seems like a lot of that detail is getting hand-waved aside in the rush to move on in the story. While I can see that, they are limited this year in episodes compared to last season, it drags on the series as a whole.

The mythos is the series. How about we see that in the detail we did before?


Next Week: Fae-de To Black

Self-delusion meets illusion when Bo and Dyson take on a case in the world of new age psychology, and Bo suffers the consequences of denying her ravenous hunger. Kenzi feels the weight of trying to find a place in her friends’ new lives – leaving her vulnerable to an impending threat.

Why do I have the impending thought that The Morrigan is going to take another shot at Bo and everyone else through Kenzi? I don’t think it’s likely really, but it could be a theme through the season in spite of Hale’s warnings to her.

As for the question of where Kenzi belongs, perhaps we will get the answer by revealing just what exactly is going on with her. Oh, and she happens to wear that red and black outfit again in the series, I won’t mind at all. She looked amazing…

They tease that Bo will face her darkness, and if that’s true it is, honestly, about time that part of the season theme gets touched on. Whether or not it will amount to anything? I am concerned about red herrings in this episode. I can’t believe they would get to the point of the season so quickly.

Then comes the question of who or what is the big bad this season. I suppose that in a way that will be Bo herself, I can see that as a viable option, but… really? That’s it? I don’t think that having one minor problem after the other to solve makes for a good season, but based on what we’ve had so far it really does look like that. The Garuda was at least a viable threat and was there for a good part of the season in the shadows last year. I can’t see The Morrigan really being that threat this year, mostly because I can’t see the series having her appear over and over again in the series.

Then there is the question of Vex… Gone but not forgotten. And darn it you just liked him a lot of late and they have to send him away… I wish there was room for him as a regular character and I hope that happens this season somehow…

The only thing that I do wonder about is Lauren. Somehow I can’t see things remaining as they are. At some point Lauren either has to accept Dyson as well, or, more likely, she’ll loosen the ties on Bo’s feeding on others. Either way, Bo being true to her alone isn’t going to work well. Come to think of it, perhaps Bo feeds too much on Lauren and that triggers her to turn Dark?

It’s a thought to ponder isn’t it?

I still feel like this season is slower and less interesting overall when compared to season two at this point. There has to be a reveal coming soon. And I know the series will get there given time to do so…

I will be I think for some time to come, not pleased by this season the way things look…




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    • James on January 25, 2013 at 10:18 am

    Story arcs are difficult and dangerous things for writers, especially since every series has decided it must have one all the time. Either it can become too obvious, and everyone gets sick of it, or the writers can be too cute in hiding bits of it in every episode, unless they are very deft. Less deft writers may annoy it save at the “big” episodes.

  1. Can I just say, Kenzi is *ridiculous* hot.

    When they decided to make Bo an Action Girl, they had to cast a “strong” *cough*mannish*cough* actress, and the actress who plays her is not bad at all. But if you just wanted pure sex on a plate, the actress who plays Kenzi would be a way better choice.

    I sense an opportunity for alterna-fic: Kenzi is the succubus, Bo is the human (or some sort of martial Fae) she’s charmed into being her muscle. 🙂

    • avatar
    • TeraS on January 26, 2013 at 7:26 pm

    My heart, I can but hope… Marc? Oh yes, she’s the hotness especially in this episode… That outfit on her looks amazing…


  2. Would it be too cliche to have some mysterious something or other swap their essences or some such so that Kenzi gets the succubus powers? Or should it be pure alterna-fic where that’s just how it was from the get-go? ‘Cause I may very well write it. Can’t publish it anywhere but fanfic sites, obviously, but it could be fun. 🙂

    • avatar
    • TeraS on February 5, 2013 at 1:01 pm

    *raises hand*

    Yes please?


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