Desires 61

And things get… still hotter…

Desires – Needs
By BFSlave and TeraS
Part Twenty-One

She turned slowly over on the bed revealing her heart shaped bum and smooth back, the only thing marking her as not human from that angle was the red of her skin and the tail that rose from the small of her back. She shone like a fire against the bed sheets drawing him towards her as she laid waiting for him. Her tail twitched in anticipation of him touching her again, the need for that touch growing stronger by the moment, her need welcoming it without fear.

A moment later and she felt the bed shift slightly as he drew himself across the sheets and towards her. She bit her lips and stifled a soft moan as the need within her to have him grew and grew. Then it happened. That spark. That sudden feeling of everything behind just so right. She closed her eyes and in her mind followed his hand as it slipped over her arm to press against her breast and then cup it so gently. Then his hard cock nestled between her cheeks and she couldn’t help but wiggle her bum just enough to press it tightly there. Suddenly his other hand brushed her hair from her horns and ear and then he started to kiss caress her horns making her gasp in the pleasure he gave her. Her tail twitched between them and then his hand moved again to stroke along the length of her tail. She let out a long needful moan of pleasure. She hadn’t felt like this in forever. It was just perfect is so many ways that the why and how of him being there disappeared in their passions…

His attention was on her horns and tail for a time and she reveled in it. It was just the right touch, just the right feeling, just the right way. She began to lose herself to the passions that flowed from him into her and she allowed hers to run free between them. He moved his lips from her horns and she moaned for a moment before his lips began to kiss against her earlobe and then she quaked as he nibbled on her gently. Then his touch on her breasts changed and she gasped as he rolled a nipple between his fingers making her arch into him. She pushed so heard against his cock that there was no doubt what she wanted from his. If there ever was…

She knew that she was so wet for him. She needed him to push within her hot wet need and fill that emptiness deep within her. He moved his hand from her tail and then trailed his fingers over her thighs. She whimpered as she felt that first touch of his fingers over her folds, and then moaned in need for him to continue as his hand rested on top of her mound, gently cupping it and pressing against it so perfectly, making her even wetter for him. He kissed her horns again and then his fingers traced around her clit in slow circles driving her wild and making her shiver so much for him. She gasped as he finally slid one single finger within her and she said only one word, “Yessssssssssssssssssssssss…” Then he was so cruel to her. Just at the moment when she needed the feeling of him so much, he shifted to kiss down her neck. She moaned in disappointment as his cock moved away from her. She tried to push backwards with her bum to seek his hardness again, but he was too far away. She bit her lip and cried out softly, “Nooooooo….. Please no…….”

He didn’t listen to her pleas. He didn’t move further away, but he didn’t return to her either. He moved lower and then she felt the first kiss of his lips on her breast and what was lost was soon forgotten. As he kissed her, he nudged her with his lips to roll over onto her back. She turned as he wished, letting her tail drape to her side as she laid on the bed facing upwards, her breasts displayed for him as he wished them to be for the next moment of their dance of pleasure. He shifted on the bed and then his lips pressed around her nipple and then it was sucked gently into his mouth. She tried to arch herself, but he had draped himself over her to suckle at one nipple and continue to tweak and play with her other. The sensations of him playing with her breasts and nipples began to make her pussy gush as she gave herself to his wants.

She was just about settled again from that pleasure when his fingers again found her clit and he rubbed against it in time with the sucking and teasing of her nipples. She felt the erotic pleasures link to each other and then she let out a long moan of passion that he couldn’t ignore any longer. She was so ready for him that nothing else mattered at that moment. But he still wasn’t finished with her and she wondered what he planned next for her. Then it happened….

He slipped his fingers into her so wet pussy and then brushed against her G-spot and she screamed in pleasure. Her eyes were glowing spirals of green and black that surrounded her face in shadow and light of the orgasm that was building within her. He began to pump his fingers in and out of her and she clenched down on them trying to keep him within her. Her tail twitched and thrashed for a moment and then the tip rubbed against his hardness and she could only gasp, “Neeeed you…… Pleeeeeeease……. Oh Derek…… PLEASE!”

But he was only starting with her needs and with his. He wanted to pleasure her and please her in any way that he could. She was coming closer and closer to that perfect moment with him. Her moans and shouts became indistinct as he moved lower still and then she arched herself off the bed as his fingers slipped out of her pussy and his long rough tongue plumbed her depths…

She wailed and screamed as he swirled within her, touching her in ways and places that she had never been touched in thousands of years. Her body began to glow a soft green as the pleasure grew. Soon her body was lit in green light that neither noticed in their passions. Then as her fingers clutched at his hair and her thighs pressed against his head trapping him between her legs, his body was enveloped in the green glow and the ecstasy grew like a tidal wave within them threatening to break against them and consuming them within it’s power…


Sometimes, just sometimes, giving into that power is worth all if you believe in it…




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    • James on January 22, 2013 at 8:50 am

    I would say that, when the power is there for both partners, and they both believe in it, it is always worth giving in . . .

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    • Le Neko on January 22, 2013 at 9:16 am

    “Their dance of pleasure”.

    I’m impatient to see the rest of this “dance”… The two partners seem to be some very good “dancers”… and your writing style “orchestrates” perfectly this whole torrid atmosphere.

    One of the happiest and most pleasuring stories I have read so far! But I’m not surprised, as it seems so natural to… (can’t find the end of the sentence. Perhaps I am, me too, a bit mesmerized by the power of this story?)

    Anyway a highly erotic story, but in a very lovely way – after all, a Succubiesque way, innit?

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    • TeraS on January 26, 2013 at 7:23 pm



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