Jan 21 2013

The Sun was not Sunny by JHB

One of the things about my heart is that he is wise. He is because he understands things about me that few others do. He is my heart after all…
A poem from him this time of a Succubi that wasn’t happy but can be again… because. Just because.

The Sun was not Sunny

The sun was not sunny
in the Realm that dark day.
Clouds and darkness—not funny!
Lightning—no one could play!
Whitecaps suddenly rose
on the lake, then full waves;
and then parts of it froze
(making several close shaves
for those who were boating);
the whole day had gone bad,
not from pranks or gloating,
no: Calynda was mad.

For this purple-tailed lass,
handling Realm protocol,
never took any sass,
no high spirits at all,
yet, in recent weeks, she’d
had a bounce and a giggle.
With her joie d’vivre freed
friends could see her tail wiggle
for she had a new beau
and you think she’d be glad.
She was, just days ago.
Now Calynda was mad.

A teacher from Woburn
named Eugene was her man.
His heart took a U-turn
to a waitress named Jan.
Calynda, once placid
to the depths of her soul,
turned sensibly acid:
there was now a deep hole
in her passions profound
and extensive. The cad
stomped her love in the ground.
Now she was very mad.

So Alexis, her Tail,
found the Succubi Queen.
She had pitchforked the male
but this wasn’t her scene:
“I have made the fool pay,
but she seems no better.
Do you know what to say?
Oh, yes! Love your sweater.”
Tera smiled at the girl,
only wishing she had
some quick way to beguile
her friend not to be mad.

Well . . . when Tera went by
to tell her friend she cared
and to share a good cry,
well . . . Calynda just glared:
“Don’t tell me to cheer up,
for you know I’m no dunce.
I will drink from this cup
of amor only once.
Never, ever again
will I trust or be clad
in affection, not when
I can stay safe, stay mad!!!”

Though Calynda was hurt
and unwilling to bend,
Tera would not be curt.
She remembered her friend
by the fence—silly man
who would trust anyone—
and the Queen had a plan:
“If that’s what you want done
my dear, I’ll not object.
We will live with the gloom,
clouds, and rain. I suspect
though, that all of this doom
over you and your friends,
while it nurtures your pain,
just will not make amends.
There is nothing to gain!
For life to be complete,
we must trust, take a chance
on someone we might meet.”
She sighed: “We need romance!
And besides, all the hugs
and the kisses and licks
and the climbing and snugs
are the best kind of kicks,
and they make our eyes gleam
and . . .” She paused. “I digress.
I know that it may seem
that it’s all a big mess.
But it’s worth the risking.
When you find the right one,
the frolic and frisking
is where you’ve just begun.
The sharing and cuddle
will be your daily song.
It’s worth all the muddle
to find one to belong
with.” She looked in the eyes
that had been full of tears;
it should be no surprise
that the pain and the fears
while not gone, were now easing.
The sun started to shine
and the lake was not freezing.
Life was inching toward fine.

Calynda was not mad.
Soon she spread grace around,
always eager to add,
“Watch! There’s love to be found.”
Sure enough, one fine night
as she pulled up the covers
on friends she’d shown the light
and led to be lovers
she almost backed into
a face bright and sunny.
Her heart leapt! She just knew
she’d found her new honey!


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    It is assumed I am wise because I spend so much time in your presence, catching the overflow of your brilliance, Your Majesty.

    *Huggles for my Dear One from her heart*

  2. avatar


    Not brillant my heart… Adequate and not much more I think….


  3. avatar

    Never argue with your heart, Dear One. I am good at seeing gifts in people, and you have a special brilliance.

  4. avatar

    One cannot shine without the one that holds the light my heart…


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