Jan 17 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 263

This is the second of two works by the same artist that I am featuring as the Succubi of the Week here on the Tale… And this one, unlike the other one which you can see here, is coloured too!

Devil Girl by Andy Price

Devil Girl by Andy Price

Like last week’s image, this is the size of the work that I have, so clicking on it will not result in you seeing a larger version… This is called Devil Girl by Andy Price, and you can find his page on DeviantArt here if you would like to see more of his art…

She sort of reminds me of the Warcraft Succubus in a way, at least there seem to be echoes of her in this art the way I see it anyway. It could also be a variation on the comic book character Purgatori as well, her looks seem to be close to that character as well…

I like the tail, it seems right for her body, the outfit is nice too, though personally I would have liked to see a top on her, but she is a Succubus so…

Actually come to think about it, I wonder if she might be sort of a BDSM liking Succubus based on what she is wearing as well…

That could be an interesting story to ponder…



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