The Succubi Ditz by JHB

You are probably expecting the next part of Desires today… Instead I’m going to share a poem from my heart that has always made me smile…

Some of the Succubi are Ditzs… But they are Succubi nonetheless…

The Succubi Ditz

A brand-new Succubi named Eunice
did jobs that were assigned each new miss
in the Realm: she sang in the choir
(they wailed on “Baby, Light My Fire),
and sharpened the pitchforks,
and groomed angel-kitties,
and learned proper wing torques
and all of the cities
Realm residents ran, but missed some bits,
such as “beware the succubi ditz.”

The day to find jobs that were suiting
them came, and Eunice said “Recruiting!”
FreezeFrame said: “That takes a practiced touch.
Queen Tera’s the best . . . Branwyn or such . . .
takes delicate balance
to get it all right, see?
A light touch, and deference;
miscalculate slightly
and they escape. You must live by wits,
or you’ll recruit a succubi ditz.”

But Eunice snuck out of the palace
and bampfed to Earth. A blonde named Alice,
–giggly busty, and quite enticing,–
was at a dollar store repricing
things five bucks, when, smelling
kumquats, saw a pink tail.
With moaning and yelling
she melted and, without fail:
a bimbo-girl blown to horny fits
‘til there she was: a succubi ditz.

Her horns were big and kind of shiny.
The tail protruding from her hiney
kept getting wrapped ‘round misters, misses.
She’d pull them in and give them kisses,
left them dazed and drooling.
Her bampf was erratic;
it set rag dolls dueling,
made snow in the attic,
and started an endless orgy. It’s
what you get with a succubi ditz.

Time came for Tera’s intervening
(with incubi crazed and careening
toward succubi, tails, angel-kitties
or anything that might have titties).
She sat Alice right down
(the ditz kept on bouncing).
With a sigh, then a frown,
she soon was announcing,
“This is worse than London in the Blitz!
We must unload this succubi ditz.”

The Realm Labs began overdriving,
the inc- and succubi surviving
on chocolate, Diet Coke, and pizza.
They knew that, when a bimbo meets a
creature born in the Realm,
their hormones went zooey
and quite soon overwhelm
all thought, then . . . kablooey!!
But nothing could help them put their mitts
on ways to cure a succubi ditz.

Each branch of science soon was failing
and Alice had begun impaling
herself on lab techs’ crotches, faces,
put all their horns and tails through paces
that left them drained, sighing.
Rare aphrodisiacs
were emptied. Soft crying
came from amnesiacs
fucked mindless. Morale was in the pits;
brains knocked flat by a succubi ditz.

The Queen saw how all this was going.
Her eyes flashed, all her ire showing
as she called Alice to her presence
to meld their minds, to share their essence.
The process took 3 days.
The Queen felt infernal.
Her eyes a green-blue haze,
she dragged her Eternal
off to a suite at the Lakeside Ritz
to purge herself of succubi ditz.

She bampfs no more, but just says “Please” now.
Her skirts are hemmed below her knees now
and Alice happily does filing,
quite calm, alone, far less beguiling
in a windowless room
(‘cept on Saturday nights
when she rides on the flume
up at Wonder-Realm Heights).
And Eunice works there also. But it’s
okay: she loves this succubi ditz.


Thank you always for my giggles and my smile my heart…




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    • James on January 15, 2013 at 11:56 am

    Any day I can make my Dear One smile (and that I can get into the Tale) is a good one. Giggles are just gravy.

    *Huggles for my Dear One from her heart*

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    • TeraS on January 26, 2013 at 7:18 pm

    *snugs tightly*



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