Jan 10 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 262

For this week’s Succubi, and for that matter, next week’s as well, I found two images by the same artist that I thought were quite good and so…

Devil Girl by Andy Price

Devil Girl by Andy Price

No need to click on the image as this is as large as it will get. This is called Devil Girl and is by the artist Andy Price. Now I couldn’t figure out if they have an official site, but I did find their DeviantArt site and you can visit it here.

Yes I know she has hooves, and yes I’m not liking them a lot, but I think it’s hard to say for sure that they are in fact hooves or just some fetish boots she is wearing, so I will think they are the latter because I like that idea more…

Otherwise, I like her look, the outfit works well I think too. The pitchfork seems like it might be a little too cute, but that’s okay as well. Overall, I think she’s a sexy Succubus and I do wonder what she might look like if she was inked and coloured too…

Would be nice to see if it exists…

Next week, one more lovely work by this artist to share on the Tale…




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    Are those hooves on my feet?
    You don’f care . . .
    Is my pictfork too small?
    You don’t care . . .
    . . . All you see are my eyes and smile . . .
    . . . all you feel are my curves . . .
    . . . all you inhale is my scent . . .
    It is all me . . .
    are you well and truly trapped?
    You don’t care . . .

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    Thank you as always Tera for sharing with us all. Your constant work and devotion is absolutely astonishing and I want you to know how much we all appreciate it.

    I posted a couple more Succubus images in the forum for you to look at 🙂

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    Terry O'Brien

    1) The pitchfork looks more ceremonial, maybe like a scepter.

    2) Judging from the length of her legs, I would definitely go with those being boots. Even then, the legs are still out of proportion to the rest of her body.

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    Lovely poem and thank you my heart…


  5. avatar


    Thank you Miles… I hope what I manage is liked…


  6. avatar

    I think so too Terry… And it does make a bit more sense I think…


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