Desires 60

And things get… hotter…

Desires – Needs
By BFSlave and TeraS
Part Twenty

The pleasure was more intense than anything he could’ve imagined. Why he didn’t expliode into her mouth amazed him. Then he realized she was using her power to help him last longer. She wanted their first time together to be special. So did he. After she pulled him out of her mouth, he heard a soft, wet, squishing sound. He knew she was rubbing herself. [i]I bet she’s using her tail.[/i] All thoughts quickly disappeared when he felt her long, sexy tounge lick his most sensitive area. He moaned again as his cock twitched in response. As she once again began her oral ministrations, he reached down and stroked her hair. His thumbs brushed her horns and he started stroking and rubbing them. She moaned and made a sound he’d never heard before. It was soft and low, but he swore that he heard her growl. The sound turned him on even more. He’d found one of a Succubi’s erogenous zones.

He kept rubbing and stroking the sexy protrusions. Her growls got louder. Her sucking and licking got more insistant. She rubbed her aching pussy with her tail harder and faster. “Oh Mistresss”, was all he could say. He wanted to tell her he loved her again, but the pleasure was too much. She pulled him out of her mouth again and looked at him, her eyes glowing. With the sensual growl of a panthress in heat she said, “Someone’s being a naughty boy.” He felt her tounge on his throbbing hardness again, then something new took it’s place.

Her nipple rubbed along the ridge of his cock. It jumped and he moaned and gripped the couch cushions. She rubbed it up and down on him, then switched breasts. Just when he thought he couldn’t feel any better, she caressed his throbbing manhood between her beautiful, soft, breasts. “Ohhhh Tera.” She massaged him between the hot, crimson flesh. “Mmmm, you like this don’t you?”, she purred. “Ohh yesss Mistresssss.”, he moaned. He reached for her face, and found her horns again. She moaned and growled again. She plunged her tail into her hot, wet folds. The sweet scent of her arousal filled the room. He took it all in. The scarf still covered his eyes, but his other senses were going into overload. The scent of her arousal, the feeling of her breasts rubbing his cock and her horns as he rubbed them, the sound of their moans and her beautiful animalistic growls.

His sight returned when she ripped the scarf away from his eyes. She was straddling him, her dripping pussy less than an inch away from his erection. Her hair surrounded her face like a cloak. All he could see were those eyes, glowing so brightly now. Between low growls she moaned, “Now, my love. Take me to my bedroom now.” He could feel her breath on his face, the heat of her body. She was so close to him. Looking into her eyes he breathlessly replyed, “Yes, Tera. Anything for you, Mistress.” They kissed deeply, filled with more desire than either one had felt all night. They stood, his arms around her, her legs and tail around him. He felt so weak and submissive to her, yet he felt like he could pick up a building right now, as he carried her to her room. She guided him between deep kisses.

Her room was as beautifully decorated as any room in her apartment, but all he could see was her. As they approached the four-poster bed with it’s red satin sheets, she slid off of him. He watched as she turned and crawled seductively across the bed. He stared at her perfect bum and watched her tail move sinuously as she moved like a cat. She laid her head down on her pillow, looked at him, smiled and patted the mattress next to her. “Come to me, my heart. It’s time.” Full of love and joy beyond measure, he joined his love in her bed. They kissed and the most perfect night of their lives began in earnest.


…and hotter still…



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    • James on January 8, 2013 at 12:18 pm

    But would it be the most perfect night, or would they get to continue to build upon this?

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