Jan 04 2013

A Review of Emily’s Gift by Julia P. Lynde

Emily's Gift by Julia P. Lynde

Emily’s Gift by Julia P. Lynde

Perhaps one of the things that seems to be the hardest for authors to get a grasp of is that Succubi do not have to be evil. They do not have to kill, do not have to be uncouth, or worse for that matter. It is difficult to find works that focus on other, more important aspects not just of the Succubus herself, but of those that come into her world. But when that happens, it really is something special…

  • Title: Emily’s Gift
  • Author: Julia P. Lynde
  • Length: 9,400 Words
  • Publishing Date: December 16, 2012
  • This work at Amazon.com

The story is of:

Emily’s daughter has taken a bad path in her life, and Emily turns to the fae succubus, Anita, for her own brand of help.

The thing about this story that makes it special are the layers within it. It is, I think, the mark of good storytelling when the author is invested in their characters to the point where they become real and not cut-outs or puppets being played with.

This starts with Emily.

Emily is both innocent and unsure of herself. I think that is the best way to explain it here because while she knows who she is asking a favour of, she doesn’t understand who Anita, the succubus of the story is. This comes to haunt her at first, change her life second, and in the end opens a world, and much more, that she even could have imagined.

The same is true of the Succubus in this story Anita. She is described as a Fae Succubus, which in this story means that she does not look like the classic Succubus, no horns or tail, but in truth that isn’t that important to her character. What is comes to her powers, which are well described and portrayed, her personality, which while Domme in nature is tempered with something more than could be expected from the beginning of the story. If Emily becomes more than she is, then Anita is changed in ways, and reasons, that matter. And the thread running through this is the gift, or rather gifts, that Emily has shared with her.

The one character that changes the most, that moves from someone very ugly to something better is Nicole. While she is not the true heart of the story, she is the catalyst that makes all else happen. She changes, like her mother and Anita, by the end of the story, and what is more, the ending of the story, where Nicole finds herself, it is… satisfying to me.

There is a mix of both joy, passion, and, regrettably, sorrow in this story. It is truly heartbreaking what happens, the loss that comes is tragic in more ways that I can explain without spoiling the story. Needless to say, the author did, in the moment when joy ends and grief begins, turn the story into something more than it was to that point by far.

There was one thing in the story that jarred me out of it. It happened more than once and I hope the author has seen the problem and corrected it. Several times they write “suit” when they mean “suite” when a character speaks about a room in Anita’s home. It’s a minor issue I know in an overall well written work, but it just kept getting to me as I read. For most it will not be an issue I am sure, but for me.. just really was something that got to me over and over again.

I would have liked to see where the story goes after the end, there is a door there to walk through, but it isn’t taken. Now I know that, in truth, it wasn’t to be, but I can think about what transpires after the end of this story… and I have to admit that I do… a lot.

I’m giving this work four and a half pitchforks out of five.

It’s very close to perfect, and I really would like to say it is…




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    A compelling story with a succubus being all we know she can be? And it leaves you wanting more? Who can ask for anything more than that?

    As for “suit” vs. “suite”: that can be what comes of relying too much on one’s spellchecker . . .

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    Julia P. Lynde

    Wow. Tera, thank you for the amazing review. I just sent you a note when I saw reference to “Emily’s Gift” on your wiki, then I see you have already read and reviewed it, and what an amazing review to read.

    You fixed my mood after having to just send an email to a site that is giving torrent downloads of my stories. (Why do people think that’s okay?)

    The typos — I need to find a better way to clean those up. Reading through multiple times still leaves me with errors like this. I will at least be fixing occurrences of this one and updating Amazon. Thank you for pointing it out.

    There will be more stories with Anita, as soon as I decide who she should interact with next.

    Thank you again, Tera!


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    Julia, may I suggest that the best way to catch typos is to have another pair of eyes, from someone very detail oriented, read things over. When we proofread our own stuff, our brains often fill in what we meant to write rather than seeing what we wrote.

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    Best of luck with your writing Julia and thank you so much for dropping by!


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