Jan 01 2013

The 2012 Succubi Year in Review

Normally I review the previous year on the last day of the year, but not this time… I wanted to write more of the story yesterday, so today I will be reviewing the 2012 Succubi Year in Review here on the Tale…

Overall it did have its moments, but, honestly, I found it hard to come up with ten good things that happened with Succubi… And no, again, I did not include my own works and Succubus.net in this list… I probably will never do that…

Here, in mostly order from best thing to not so much so, are my top ten of Succubi moments for 2012…

  1. The Devil Girls – The Sinfest online comic series seems to have a lot, and I mean a lot, of Devil Girls popping up all over the place. I really have no idea what it all means, but, I was thrilled with the choices Fuchsia made and where her relationship is going… She even shared a kiss with Crim so… that made me happy… There are some of the new Girls that are more devilish than others, and Fern, the green one, I do think is more Succubi than Devil Girl.
  2. Thaumatology Book Series – The Thaumatology book series by Niall Teasdale continued this year… Still one of the best series for me personally and I recommend it more than I can say… Good writing is everything and Niall gives that and more with every book released. Highly, highly recommended.
  3. Danish Succubi Films – I don’t mean the pastry, I mean that in 2012 there were three really interesting films about Succubi or having Succubi characters in them that were filmed or produced in Denmark. I find it interesting that Hollywood cannot come up with a decent Succubus film and yet the Danes can.
  4. Darkstalkers Resurrection Announced – This is good news for 2013 that was announced in 2012. Morrigan and Lilith Aensland returning anew will, and is, thrilling a lot of gamers and it is good to see them moving into the more modern age… I do hope that neither of them are changed from who they are, that would be my one fear. I don’t believe they would change them being the series most popular characters by far… I’ll hope of that at least.
  5. Dangerously Chloe – Eerie Cuties’ own Succubus went through a lot of changes in 2012 that ended with her being taken away by her mother to hell to learn about her powers. She returned in her own series called Dangerously Chloe in the latter part of 2012, older, different, and… more succubus-like than she was. She isn’t the shy succubus she was, I do miss that, but I have hopes for her new series in 2013.
  6. Lost Girl Television series – Really a disappointment for 2012 to be honest. The second season came to a close on a high note and then Syfy got involved. At which point the series three premiere was moved into January 2013 from September 2012. Now, it is starting in less than one week’s time, so the wait is over, but, I fear something. I fear that the series will lose a lot of the fan base for being away so long. I hope I am wrong, more than I can say, but… I really don’t know. What’s worse is that, knowing Syfy, they will force the thirteen episodes we will see to be split in half with a six month gap between the two parts. I hope not… Really.
  7. Any Succubus Themed Book – I found that this past year that just about any writer with the slightest idea about Succubi was releasing a book about them. That wouldn’t bother me so much, except that they never seem to see Succubi as anything but sex dolls or evil incarnate. That gets old, really fast for me. I think in the past year there have been only four books that I really did like a lot. Considering that something like 150 books came out in 2012, that’s a lousy ratio. Many of these books are less than 20 pages in length, still more less than 6 pages. And in all of those cases they are charging $3 for them. That, most of all, gets my tail up. It isn’t anything like fair play and I wish that there would be a legitimate listing by Amazon of the books they are selling with regards to their length. At least there would be some warning that we are being taken… in more ways than one. Maybe I need to get off my tail and write my own works to show what Succubi really are.
  8. Any Halloween Costume with any connection to Succubi – It’s getting worse and worse by the year for costumes and I fear that its not going to get any better. Honestly I should try designing my own costumes and selling them for all of the junk that is out there. It’ll never happen of course, but I am so tempted.
  9. 666 Park Avenue – Possibly the worst of the worst for 2012. A television series which held a little promise based on the book, but, in the end it was cancelled, and as much as it had some promise for Succubi, it never really got to the point where it happened. After the cancellation, it was announced that the last three episodes would be released… in the summer of 2013 mind you, to complete the first season. But it just wasn’t anything worth watching and with the cast, that was absolutely shocking to me.
  10. Devil May Cry Succubus – Okay, this is the worst thing I saw in 2012 connected with Succubi to be honest. This is a new game that will be released in 2013 and the preview of the succubus? Well, she isn’t sexy, she isn’t even a she as far as I can tell. Just so wrong… wrong, wrong, wrong. Did I mention wrong? I really have problems with the concept and that’s putting it mildly. There isn’t a single thing about this monsters, and it is a monster, that even hints at it being a succubus. But it is called one and all i can do is shake my tail and look away.

And as for my site… A few highlights for the year that Succubus.net had:

  • The Tale has over 972,000 views in total.
  • The Tale has over 1,800 posts on it.
  • The SuccuWiki has surpassed well over 3.5 million views.
  • The SuccuWiki contains almost 2,000 articles on Succubi.
  • The Gallery of the Succubi has over 2,200 images of Succubi.
  • The Tale and this site had their fifth anniversary in November.

Not a long list, but overall I really shouldn’t complain about what I have been able to accomplish with the support of my family…

I wish you all a Happy 2013… May your coming year be happy and wonderful for you all…




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    Marc Cabot

    If it was easy, anybody could do it. Keep fighting. 🙂

    A few comments on particular items:

    1) WRT #10, the Japanese are like that. They like to take words from English, or Western Culture, because they like the sound, not because they actually care what they mean. It’s just a thing they do. Sometimes it’s irritating but there’s nothing to be done. If it makes you feel any better look at what the Canadians did to Sailor Moon and consider it payback.

    2) I’m sorry to hear that your enjoyment ratio was so low about Succubus-related books. That’s dreadful. I myself had no idea that they were so widely written about until I did a search for “succubus” on Amazon and, as you point out, got a gabillion hits. When I wrote “Hell to Pay” it was just an idea that occurred to me and not a targeted market position.

    3) That being said, and based on your comment that you liked “Hell to Pay,” I am happy to report that Lily demands that I write more stories about her. The nice thing about the way “Hell to Pay” was written is that there are long stretches of the year unaccounted for and I can write “between” stories. (This is how “Star Trek” novels work: if you added up all time Picard and RIker spent in “between” episodes gallivanting through books, they’d be like six hundred years old. 🙂 ) The first one’s already started: it’s about how Simon and Lily spent Halloween.

    4) While I see your point, I respectfully suggest that “evil sex doll” is more or less what Succubi are *for* in the eyes of most people, and that it takes something extraordinary to make them rise above that. Asking an ordinary writer to overcome that is asking a lot. I’ll be perfectly honest: that was the plan for Lily all along. The original ending of “Hell to Pay” was very different and was more of a “Good Simon wins, Evil Lily loses” kind of affair. As my characters so often do, she refused to follow the script and the story is better for it, but again it took that spark to move past evil-sex-dollness and that spark is not something that comes when called.

    5) I love “Sinfest.” No other comment, I just love it too.

    6) I’m sure they’re listed in your blog, but would you mind giving the names of the films all at a go?

    Thanks for writing and Happy New Year!


  2. avatar

    Marc has so much more to say so much better than I.

    But I would beg to differ with him about moving succubi beyond the stock role of “evil sex doll.” Yes, it does take something extraordinary. Unleashing a story’s potential for the extraordinary is the job of a good storyteller.

    And I would beg to differ with Her Majesty in saying that nothing under 20 pages should be considered a “book,” and that, really, anything under 100-150 pages should be considered a monograph. If authors had to put forth this kind of effort, the succubi shelves would be cluttered with a lot less trash.

    And I now have this hankering for a succubi danish story . . . *winking*

    And, I think that far and away the biggest Succubish accomplishment of 2012 is the growth and maintenance of this world Her Majesty Tera has created.

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