Dec 25 2012

Carly the Succubi by TeraS

So it is Christmas and it is time for the Succubi Queen’s annual Christmas present to you all…

This is called Carly the Succubi, and it is a parody of the song Frosty the Snowman…

Carly The Succubi by TeraS

Carly The Succubi by TeraS

You can also click this link to see the image in full size as well.

And the song, for those that wish to read it, goes something like this…

Carly the succubi,

is a horny, happy soul,

with a latex dress

cupping full, round breasts

and green eyes that grab your soul.

Carly the succubi,

is a wet dream (so they say):

she can mesmerize

with a tiny sigh

and quite quickly has her way.

On Christmas Eve, she checks her list

of every naughty vice,

and when she shows in front of you

you’ll be glad you weren’t so nice.

O, Carly the succubi is

as generous as can be,

and the lucky pets

are the ones who get

to be gifts from her, you see.

Humpty, hump, hump,

Humpty, hump, hump;

Carly takes your will.

Humpty, hump, hump,

Humpty, hump, hump;

Leaving you with a thrill.

Carly the succubi

heard her pets whine every day,

and said, “For a blast,

see how long you last

before I drain you away.”

Down to her love toys,

with her gift bag in her hand,

slinking here and there

all around the square

singing, “Cum now, if you can.”

She left the rest and took the best

to her seduction flat,

and, when they moaned, her white-hot kiss

wiped their minds out just like that.

For Carly the succubi

had to hurry on her way,

so she said, “Sweet fool,

I’ll be here for Yule

if you stroke, kneel, and obey.”


Merry Christmas to one and all, and my thanks and love to my heart for making my words what they are for without him they would have never been…

Happy Christmas!


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