Dec 20 2012

Succubi Image of the Week 259

I found two images of a Succubus by the same artist on DeviantArt that I couldn’t decide which I liked better… They are both beautifully done, really amazing works and so, for this week’s Succubi I am going to give them both a place here as the Succubi of the Week…

The artist is called Megaween and this is their OC called Succubus…

Succubus by Megaween

Succubus by Megaween

And the other work, which has Succubus and another character called Beast as the subject…

The Succubus and The Beast by Megaween

The Succubus and The Beast by Megaween

I found the first work here on DeviantArt and the second work you can find here as well. The artist’s page is here too, and I really do think that readers of the Tale should visit… They are an amazing artist I think…

She’s just the vision of Succubi sexiness I think… Her clothing looks right on her, I love her tail and her body shape just works perfectly with everything… Her horns might be a little large for me personally, but overall they do look right on her. I even like her wings and I don’t normally like wings all that much…

I especially am thankful that she has normal skin and feet, so that she can wear heels instead of hooves… I would have been really upset if she did…

Really just a wonderful Succubus… Perhaps more of a Succubi in my Realm?

She could well be…




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    She does look really sweet and coquettish and yet completely in charge (I think she is two pics of the same succubus . . . that’s my story, and I am sticking with it). In the second pic, she looks as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth . . . but that beast had better watch out!

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    It would be a good idea…


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