Desires 59

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Desires – Needs

By BFSlave and Tera S

Part Nineteen


She trailed a fingertip along his neck slowly. She didn’t speak. Words weren’t needed at that moment. She shivered and moaned as his fingers caressed her soft red cheek. Then he gently laid her head on his chest and kissed her horns again. She gasped as the pleasure travelled through her, her tail wrapping around his waist loosely.

She pressed herself against him and then parted her legs to slide her so wet pussy against his leg. Her eyes glowed for a moment, and then his body was surrounded in a green glow that pulsed three times. Then it faded away to reveal that he was as nude as she was. She sighed and pressed tighter still against him. Their hot skin slipping against each other making their pleasure grow and grow. She felt her heart beat faster as they were finally together in the way that their dreams had imagined so long ago. He nibbled on her lips and then looked into her eyes. He took a breath and asked, “What do you want me to do my Mistress?”

Her breath was hot against his ear as she pressed her lips against it and whispered, “I want your thick hard cock driving into my wet pussy as I ride you wildly Derek my love…”

His voice almost broke as he answered, “As you wish my love.”

Then he pressed his lips to her hot red lips. Their tongues slipped against each other in their need for each other. As her lips pressed again against his, her eyes glowed a bright green in her pleasure and she moaned around the kiss. Her right hand slipped down between them and a moment later her long nails were cupping his cock and balls and playing with them softly. At the first touch of her nails against the ridge of his cock he became instantly erect for her.

He gasped and with a smile of pleasure on his lips said, “I love it when you play with your property my Mistress…”

Her hand wrapped around his shaft and then she began to stoke him slowly. As she did she moaned out, “mmmmmmm… My favorite toy….”

He couldn’t help himself and his eyes rolled back into his head. His cock grew longer and harder with each stroke until it was the perfect size and shape for her needs. He blinked and then managed to look into her eyes again. Then he simply let go of everything at that moment and gave himself to her completely. Anything was hers from that moment on. Nothing else mattered but that she was with him. He would do anything for that. As would she…

She pushed him backwards until he was trapped against the couch again. The hunger and love within her eyes were so plain to him. The desire between them was stronger than anything either had felt before in their lives. He spoke his truth to her again, “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen Mistress Tera…”

She smiled and kissed him deeply again and then she pushed him backwards to land on the couch. She crawled on top of him again and straddled him again to trap him beneath her. She cupped her breasts and moaned, “Thank you so my love…” He reached a hand to fondle and stroke his fingers over her breasts and she froze for a moment to revel in the pleasure of his touch. A touch she needed so much from him…

As he did there was a flash of green behind her and her tail appeared behind her holding a long red silk scarf on it’s tip. She smiled and said, “I feel like being playful tonight Derek…” Her eyes glowed bright green again as she said, “Very very playful my love…”

One of her hands slipped behind her to take the scarf. Then as he watched, she began to tease and slip the scarf around her breasts slowly. All that he could do was smile and wait to see what she had planned for him next. She teased the scarf over his chest, and then around his neck before she laid it across his forehead. She smiled and leaned over him until her hair fell around him, soon the only light he could see was that from her eyes. His mind was held by her eyes and his heart swelled knowing that she was there for him and him alone.

She kissed his nose and then pulled back again. Then her fingers slowly draped the scarf across his eyes. She didn’t tie it. She just left it loose over his eyes resting there. Then she kissed his lips softly before starting to kiss her way down his neck and chest ever so slowly. Inch by inch she kissed lower and lower slowly moving to kneel on the carpet. Each kiss sent hot flashes and cold shivers though him. Each kiss built the arousal and anticipation more and more. Long before her knees touched the carpet her wet pussy rubbed slowly along the length of his cock making it pulse and quiver beneath her. Her tail twisted around behind her and the tip tickled his balls gently again and again.

Then suddenly she moved away. She didn’t touch him for a moment. Then it happened. He felt the touch of her lips against the very tip of his cock. She pressed her lips around the tip and then slid lower until she had enveloped his head with her lips. Then she wrapped her hand around his shaft again, and began to stroke him slowly at first and then harder and quicker with every passing moment. He gasped in the pleasure and could only moan, “Oh yessss Mistressssssssss….” Then she slipped her lips all the way down his shaft until she had taken all of him. Then she began to hum strongly. The vibrations made him shake in need and pleasure. His hips bucked trying to slide himself deeper into her mouth, but she had his whole length already within it.

Then she slipped him out of her mouth with a loud wet pop as his cock slipped free of her lips. But she was far from finished. She nibbled and kissed her way down the ridge of his cock slowly. Her pussy was so wet as she did. She needed some relief and so her tail began to rub itself against her pussy heightening her pleasure. She moaned and then moved back up his cock until she licked again at the sensitive part just under the head.

And this was only the beginning….


…which means…




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    • James on December 18, 2012 at 5:38 pm

    . . . that, while there is an ending, it won’t be for a while.

    Grand fun, Your Majesty.


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    • TeraS on January 8, 2013 at 3:37 pm

    One hopes…


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