Desires 57

Finally, the Succubi Queen reveals herself and takes a chance… For isn’t that what love is?


Desires – Needs

By BFSlave and Tera S

Part Seventeen


She had placed herself on his lap in that moment. All that mattered was being with him and close to him. Leaving him was the furthest thing from her mind. She had placed her legs on either side of him and straddled his waist carefully. Her arms reached past his shoulders and lay against the back of the couch almost trapping him beneath her.

She pressed her firm nipples into his chest and moaned as the kiss went on and on. Then she couldn’t hold back her true nature any longer from him. She pulled back slightly and sighed softly as she said, “Derek….. I am not exactly what I seem… I am so much older than I look…. I am so much more different than you have seen…”

She traced a finger over his lips and said, “But there is something about you… I know you as well… I have seen you before… I don’t know where…. I’m not sure when…. But you are so familiar to me…. Perhaps you have seen me as I am…”

She rocked back on her legs for a moment, and then in one swift motion stripped off the black dress leaving her dressed in her sheer black thigh-thighs, black stiletto heels, satin panties and demi-bra. She tossed the dress to the side and then shook her head letting her long wild mane of raven hair spill over her shoulders and tease along her chest erotically. She arched her back slightly presenting her cleavage to him, her body quaking in need.

Then she slowly began to release the hold she had on her form. As he watched, her skin began to shift color. From a healthy bronzed tan, her skin turned progressively redder until it was a deep fire red color. Then her eyes glowed a bright emerald green and the glow from them held his attention as her transformation continued. From her forehead a pair of sleek red horns shimmered into existence, the light from the fire behind her reflecting in wild patterns off the shiny surface of them. Then the last transformation occurred. A long sinuous red devil’s tail rose into the air behind her. It wigged in the air for a moment and then the tip began to move slowly through the air. She sat there on his lap quietly for a moment letting him see her like this, so close to him.

When he didn’t move or say anything, she slipped backwards to stand in front of him, the light of the fire flickering around her. She turned away from him for a moment, her smooth heart shaped bum wiggling slightly as she turned. She slipped her fingers to her panties and slowly pulled them over her hips and then let them drop to the floor beneath her. She pressed her hands against her cheeks and her tail wrapped itself around her waist hugging her body gently. Then she turned to her right to reveal herself in profile to him. She turned a little bit more and her smooth wet pussy glistening in the light of the fire was revealed to his eyes. Her tail uncoiled and rose into the air behind her in all it’s glory. She crossed her arms over her breasts and then slipped the shoulder straps of her bra down and then, as he watched, she undid the clasp at the front of the bra releasing it from her body. She uncrossed her arms and casually dropped the bra to the floor forgotten along with her panties.

She turned to face him with a look of not lust but love on her lips and said, “This is what I am. I am a Succubi. I am not a simple woman. I can be every fantasy that you could ever imagine made real. I can give you anything that you wish for in anyway that your heart or mind or soul could imagine…. I asked you if you were sure that you wanted to give me your soul…. I ask you again Derek… Are you sure that you wish to do that? Are you sure that I am the one that you want? Am I the one that you dreamed of? Am I or am I not the one that you need?”

She didn’t touch his mind. She didn’t play with his will. It was his decision alone. She looked at him again softly said, “If you wish you can walk away from me here and now. I have no hold on you other than what you have within you for me. Choose carefully Derek. That is all that I ask of you…”

She awaited his answer with her hands at her sides letting him see all of her, the fire tracing patterns of light over her form as she revealed herself completely to him…


…and she could wait forever if need be…




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    • James on December 4, 2012 at 10:54 am

    Yes, she could, because Queen Tera’s capacity for love is quite immense . . .

    . . . almost as great as that of another Tera whom I am privileged to know.

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    • TeraS on January 8, 2013 at 3:15 pm

    Neither Tera is so my heart a lot of the time but thank you…


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