Dec 01 2012

A cute Morrigan Aensland YouTube sketch…

Time once again for a YouTube video to share here on the Tale… It’s a neat in progress video of a sketch of Morrigan Aensland that I think is quite nice really…

And if you can’t see it here on the Tale:


And, a screenshot of the final work in case it vanishes from YouTube like so much else has of late…

Morrigan Aensland by PenelopeAndMeARS

This art is by someone calling themselves PenelopeAndMeARS on YouTube, but they don’t share anything else of who they are there… If you look through their channel, there are lots of works of art there, some really interesting in both subject and rendering, but I’ll leave that for you to have a look at if you are so inclined…

I like this mainly because it’s another example of Morrigan not being drawn “over endowed” which is important to me personally…. The style reminds me somewhat of a webcomic that some people might know called The Wotch… mainly in Morrigan’s face and look here, but I am relatively sure that it isn’t the same person drawing this…

I do have to wonder what Morrigan might look like as a finished piece of art and not a quick sketch as this is…

Something to ponder…



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    There is this lovely “Moi?” sort of innocent-as-pie expression on her face, as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

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    Hehe….cute! 🙂

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    Yes, yes she is…


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