Nov 30 2012

A Review of Tales of the Succubi by Zoe LaMore

Occasionally there are anthology works about Succubi that have some interest to me. In order to have that, they must have Succubi that I care about, a story that interests me as well would be good. But the overriding thing that I want is that the stories aren’t simply about sex. Those are works that to me tell stories about Succubi that I want to read…

Tales of the Succubi by Zoe LaMore

Tales of the Succubi by Zoe LaMore

  • Title: Tales of the Succubi
  • Author: Zoe LaMore
  • Publishing Date: November 20, 2012
  • Length: 36 Pages
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This work contains three stories:

Something New – Delilah is a succubus, and has lived for several thousand years. The world she lives in is fun, but she suffers from the lack of something new. A walk in the early evening in old Savannah shows her that there are still surprising things in store for her, things even older than she herself.

Nane’s Pleasure – Nane’s monthly collection for the Incubi turns into a large party on the beach instead of the solitary hunt she was trained for centuries ago. Collection was a solemn responsibility, but there was no rule that required it not to be fun.

Target of Opportunity – Lida was old even for a Succubus, but she wasn’t jaded. Sometimes in her line of work she discovered a ‘Target of Opportunity’ when she stumbled onto a willing virgin…and in 1954 those were hard to come by…

I’ll review the individual stories and then the work as a whole as I do with anthology works I have reviewed in the past here on the Tale:

Something New – Delilah is one of the oldest succubi, but being one of the oldest means that she has seen and done everything she thinks. An encounter changes her mind when she didn’t expect it to be. The beginning of this story is interesting in that Delilah tells much of what the succubi are in her universe, where they came from and what they must do each other. Those themes echo through the rest of the collection and it is a good explanation for those that are unaware of succubi.

While the background is well done, and the description of Delilah herself is as well, once she is off on her travels she needs to perform, the story turns rapidly into a hot flash involving much oral sex and lots of descriptions of it. When things get more involved, the sex overcomes the story until the climax where Delilah experiences something she never had before.

It is that part of the story that I found to be a little off in that I cannot understand how she could not have experienced the moment before with others. What happens is, to be honest, a regular occurrence and she must have seen it before I would have thought being as old as she is.

It felt like there was much background and story left behind and I do find myself wondering about that quite a lot. Three out of five pitchforks.

Nane’s Pleasure – Nane is a younger succubus, and being more in tune to the ways of the modern world, uses that to her advantage when she visits a beach at night and finds some willing lovers to entertain her. Again some interesting background about the life of a Succubi and Incubi at the beginning of the story, a bit of biological information about them, in particular how a Succubi collects what she must and why she must every month as well.

When she arrives and becomes involved with those on the beach, the story moves into another hot flash with Nane’s thoughts about what happens to her very vivid in the telling as well. She entrances others into doing her bidding which evolves into more sex and in the end, the story tells of the sex and not a lot more until the climax where the story ends in the midst of an orgasm.

Overall, my feelings about this work are about the same as the first story. Nane as a succubus is interesting, but before we can really learn anything about her the personality is pushed aside for the sex and that leaves me wanting. I don’t mind sex, I do mind sex for the sake of it and it felt that way in this story as well.

Three out of five pitchforks here as well.

Target of Opportunity – Lida is quite ancient as succubi go and for her in 1954, things are a bit different. While she is a huntress, the men are as well. Sometimes the hunted are hunted themselves and do not realize it. Again the beginning of the story tells some very tantalizing things about succubi and incubi. Their ancient past, that there is a council, what they are required to do and, as well, what would shame a succubus which I thought was well done as well. But once Lida has chosen what she will look like and goes out on the hunt, the story changes…

Again, the story becomes a series of hot flashes telling of all of the ways that Lida is taken or takes others, teases them and finally collects what she needs to. There are some interesting plot paths that aren’t taken which I would have liked to have seen, but aren’t here.

And the one thing that personally I dislike appears in this story as a hook to be used on men she wants to attract. Now I realize that in the 1950s smoking was seen to be very sexy, but for me it is a turn off and I just didn’t care much when it happened.

Three out of five pitchforks again. Some promise but missing something I think.

Looking at the entire collection, I can see the author making an effort to build a world for the succubi and incubi. I can see characters being shown that I want to be interested in. To a point I ever liked the sex scenes…

But to me, succubi and incubi are more than the sex and in this work overall they aren’t really given the chance to be more than sex dolls which is a shame. If the author extended the works, drew back from the sex a little bit and gave more story I think I would have liked it a lot more than I did.

As a whole, I give this collection of stories about succubi, and the occasional incubim three and a half pitchforks out of five.

A little too much on the hot flash side of things that overcomes what otherwise is a well thought out series of characters, events and situations that could have led into something more than there is here. And it could have been easily double the length it is which is a shame as well…



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    Finding the balance between sexual heat and story is a difficult thing. I probably err on the side of story . . . but the sex can, obviously, really get in the way.

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    I admit that I am a little different in that…


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