A Tale of Lilith by James

Last Thursday was the fifth Taleiversay, and today on the Tale I am going to share a wonderful work by my heart that tells of someone in the Realm that I expect no one would have thought would be part of it… The thing of it is… They do belong and who they are in the Realm is, truly, something that made me smile…

To my heart, thank you for adding to the mythos of the Realm and making me smile…

For Tera’s fifth Tale-iversary: A Tale of Lilith
By James

It was a special, rather magic time of the year, when frosty winds whipped off the Lake of Fire with increasing frequency and the white peaks on the Angelkitty Mountains seemed to grow a bit longer with each passing day. More and more incubi and succubi in the Realm were giving up their somewhat revealing summer wear in favor of warm sweaters. This produced interesting effects, since, somehow, succubi and incubi were even more arousing when wearing sweaters than when clad in swimwear and tee shirts; each autumn, bicyclists ran into shrubbery, shopkeepers dropped their wares, mail was mis-delivered, and books in the library were mis-shelved because of sundry woolen-clad distractions.

It should, at this point, be noted how much Tera enjoys wearing red sweaters.

It should, at this point, definitely be noted how much Keith enjoys Tera wearing red sweaters.

Speaking of Tera, it wasn’t long into this magical time of the year before she felt her first chill while sitting in her breakfast nook.  As soon as she had finished her tea, she went off in search of her tail cozies. As she looked in the drawer, she realized that most of them—wonderful, soft, cashmere creations, color coordinated to go with each of her winter outfits—were in terrible shape.  She did have a multi-colored cozy, knitted for her by her friends, but it had been designed to take advantage of each and every one of her tail’s most sensitive and arousing spots; it was best to wear that only with her Eternal, and then only when they had ample recovery time.

It had, she realized, been ages since she had gotten a new cozy.  A scarf-hat-glove set wouldn’t be such a bad idea, either.

Tera had duties in the Library that morning, but she let Miriam know that she would be taking a long lunch: “I have to go visit Lil.” Lil was the finest knitter in all the Realm, and had been longer than anybody even the oldest succubi could remember. Lil had knitted Tera’s first tail cozy, as well as those special cozies her mother the Queen had asked for when she was a teenager, so that her budding hormones wouldn’t get the best of her. Indeed, Mother had told Tera of receiving her first cozy from Lil, and how Tera’s grandfather had one Lil knit in a fine tartan pattern, and . . .

“Why do you call her ‘Lil,’ Your Majesty?” Miriam had broken the head librarian’s reverie.


“You refer to everyone by their proper names all the time,” the inquisitive yellow-tail replied. “Why do you always call her, ‘Lil’?”

“Well, because . . . because that is what she has always been called . . . who she has always been . . . I mean . . . well . . .”

Miriam looked confused. Tera was never at a loss for words.

“. . . Well, what I mean is . . . Mother always called her ‘Lil.’ That is the only name I have ever heard for her.”

“Oh, well that makes sense, then.” Miriam quietly returned to her work, putting a proper doormat in from of a recently acquired wardrobe in Children’s Literature.

But yellow-tails  have a way of doing things that tend to . . . well, escalate. And that tendency was stronger in Miriam, for her tail and horns were the brightest yellow that anybody had seen in the Realm in a hundred years.  All through the morning, Miriam’s question kept rolling over and over in Tera’s mind. All the way down the path to her lunchtime appointment, the Succubi Queen wondered.

“Why, hello, Dear . . . I mean, Your Majesty.” Lil rose from her rocking chair and curtsied deeply as Tera entered, and the Queen was reminded, even as she blushed and motioned for her host to sit, how tall and quietly regal the knitter was. As she sat, smiling gently, she tucked a wisp of her silver-streaked black hair—a black deeper and darker than even Tera’s—back into her bun, as her guest noticed the wisdom and even a hint of fire in Lil’s icy blue eyes. Her form wasn’t bad, either, though she had taken to wearing simpler dresses that didn’t always flatter her figure. Succubi never seemed to lose their looks; those looks simply evolved, while all of the allure was still there.

Having explained the purpose of her visit, Tera set about looking through Lil’s yarns, picking just the right colors and textures. Lil even managed to convince her sovereign to consider one or two colors besides red. Then she began her measuring of Tera’s tail. The old knitter had an amazing touch, something of which Tera was reminded as she began to feel a safety and serenity she had never known before—though she began to realize that the felt this way every time Lil measured her tail. As she moaned and purred, she even traded places with her tail-self on occasion; Lil was amused at how Tail always arrived quite naked.

When Tera was herself again, and feeling extremely relaxed and serene, she blurted out, “What is your given name, Lil?”

The old, old succubi arched an eyebrow. She had rarely spoken this name over millennia, but she never lied about it.  “My name is Lilith.”

Tera started for a moment. She couldn’t have just heard what she thought she heard. That name had been forbidden among her kind since time immemorial because of the original Lilith, the mother of them all, and the one who, legendarily, had been the source of all the evil, demonic behavior which her own kind had given so much to overcome. Taking a deep breath, she resumed: “Did you just say . . .”

With surprising agility and swiftness, Tera was flipped onto her back and onto a very soft bed. Where had this bed come from? Her host was straddling her, their bare pussies grinding together. When had they gotten naked?

“I said, my name was Lilith.”

Tera shivered in fear. If she was the true Lilith, then she would be the one person who might, perhaps, completely dominate the succubi Queen, changing Tera and, by extension, her entire world. The fire hinted at in that woman’s eyes before was now a full-fledged inferno. Her tail and horns were a deeper, darker red than Tera had ever seen; the scalloped end of that tail slipped between the supine woman’s pussy lips, and she let out a mind-blowing scream as she almost instantly came very hard in a tsunami of an orgasm.

If this was Lilith, then Tera’s soul, her very nature, was in mortal danger—oddly, “mortal” was not a word she thought about very often—but she just didn’t care. As Lilith’s tail began to withdraw, Tera, growling, grabbed it and started to pull it back into herself. Her host smiled and pulled her up for a kiss that Tera was sure straightened her hair, even as Tera’s fingers found Lilith’s snatch and her tail stroked the spine of the legendary temptress. After about half an hour, the two finally fell back, dripping with sweat, panting, the room heavy with the musk of sex, the sheets soaked with the cum of both women. The Succubi Queen’s famous raven curls were a wild mane of tangles.

With hunger in her eyes, she looked at the First and panted: “More.”

She dove into Lilith’s crotch, her tongue snaking into her host’s velvety flower, even as the older woman began nibbling Tera’s tail in ways that drove her into an even greater frenzy. Suddenly, she felt other mouths and hands: her Eternal was being fillated by Lilith even as he worshiped Tera’s breasts; A flaxen-haired angel was eating Tera out and being penetrated by Lilith; Tail was somehow nibbling behind Tera’s ear, and moving among all of the rest of them.

She heard Lilith’s voice in her mind: “Don’t worry, child. These are the lovers about whom you feel most passionate. Your own libido has manifested them all here.” Then there was a wordless flood of images in Tera’s consciousness: a man in a garden whom Lilith loved deeply; all the ways in which she tried to show him profound passions and transcendent lovemaking, but he, afraid, rejected it all, pushing her away. There were images of someone darker, the air around him tasting of malevolence, offering her a place with him from which she could wreak vengeance on all men. She walked away from that offer, and tried to bring love to others, but some like her chose the dark path, and society responded to her with close-mindedness and fear.

It seems like hours later when Tera is quietly caressing Lilith’s cheek, gazing deeply into her eyes, when she finally finds just a whisper of her voice, “You never dominated me.”

“That isn’t my way. Why would we dominate or submit when we can both share in such unbridled joy?”

“But the stories . . .”

“History is written by those who win. Notice that these stories are not from the Scriptures of the Deity, but from others, others who have chosen to fear what they cannot understand. I am only sad that some of our sisters and brothers were deluded into thinking that this was my way. I am grateful to you, sweet young one, and to your parents, for helping my family into this better path.”

“But shouldn’t you be Queen?”

“I am happy where I am, now. You are doing a wonderful job, and, when you leave here, you will forget all about this visit. But we will find each other from time to time.”

“The way you communicated while we made love . . .”

“You will find that someday, daughter,” Lilith kissed her nose. “You have such a gift in you . . . you have all of my gifts in you.”

By the time Tera had gone up the path back to the library—somehow, only the lunch hour had passed while she had been at Lil’s—all she remembered was ordering some new winter knitwear.

Keith and Tail had no recollections of the incident, and Tera had to assume the angel would be the same. Maybe she had dreamt all of that. Though Keith did begin using the most exciting oral technique on his Eternal’s breasts from time to time.

And, when Lil felt certain urges, Tera felt similar urges to visit, and there would be another wonderful afternoon that the Queen would feel in her deepest soul but not remember.

And the next time some curious person asked why she called the knitter “Lil,” Tera would reply, “Because that is the name she has.”

And she meant it.


And I mean it when I say thank you my heart… always…




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    • James on November 26, 2012 at 10:34 pm

    And I mean it when I say you are always and forever welcome, Dear One.

    *Huggles from your heart*

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    • FZY1 on November 27, 2012 at 10:58 am

    You have a skill there Mister James. Thank you for sharing it.

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    • ex1lepr0 on November 28, 2012 at 6:08 pm

    Aw…this is very cute, sweet and touching. Nicely done!

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    • TeraS on January 8, 2013 at 2:54 pm

    My heart tells the best stories…



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