Nov 18 2012

A Review of Summon Me Swiftly by Chrissie Lee

I found a wonderful Incubus story for this review on the Tale. One with an Incubus that has a heart, isn’t stereotypical at all, and, most of all, made me laugh. Not only that, but the heroine in the story is cute, smart and just a little bit vulnerable which makes her summoning an Incubus all the more delicious a read…

Which is what I want in a story…

Summon Me Swiftly by Chrissie Lee

The story is told as:

After a disappointing night fending off drunk suitors at her friend’s Halloween party, Amanda Swift is completely disenchanted with the dating scene. She’s even more fed up with being alone, and wishes she’d finally find that perfect guy to sweep her off her feet and make her toes curl with ecstasy. But Amanda’s evening quickly switches gears when she walks into her bedroom and discovers a very handsome – and very naked – hunk, who wants to please her in every way. But is this a case of be careful what you wish for?

Amanda had the night from hell. Well considering that it is Halloween night, that’s not a surprise really. She was hit on, her friend ticked her off, and all that’s left is to go home, talk to her cat, and then go to bed.

The problems start when she tells of her dream man, what he looks like, how he acts, and, most of all, how he treats her. Moments later, Amanda is surprised to find a man in her bedroom named Torin.

And Amanda has two problems. One, he’s perfect. The other is that he’s an Incubus and she can have only one night with him or she will lose her soul… The problem is, can she resist his temptations? Or does she want to?

This is just an amazing work really… Two wonderfully written characters that are real, have real emotions, needs and desires and more. They fit together right, they are right together and, most of all, their personalities just comes out so well on the page that reading is a joy…

Not to mention that Amanda owns a cat, who personally I think is one of my AngelKitties, and she’s responsible for summoning the Incubus to Amanda, but that’s only my thoughts…

It’s very much a “love at first sight” story with a side dose of lust as well, but the lust is muted by the needs of both Amanda, who needs someone to love, and Torin, who needs something more than he is. That’s an interesting story to me and in this work, that story is told with love and emotion that brings out the best in both of them.

I also liked that hell… well it isn’t hell anymore. It’s more of a business and that makes for some really funny moments with Blackberries, business cards, and the hierarchy of hell that just made me laugh and I just enjoyed the silliness of it…

The author is an excellent writer, they give life to their characters but also to the moments of the story where normally most just pass over towards the hotter aspects of the tale. And when we see Amanda and Torin together… that’s just a delicious moment in time that I really didn’t want to see end.

The climax of the story, and how it is resolved really was more than I expected it to be. It’s a smart, well thought out means to get both characters out of the situation they are in without making it seem off or unrealistic in nature. I really was thrilled by that.

The only thing that I was disappointed in was that the story ended much too soon. There is more to tell about both Amanda and Torin and I wish we could have seen that… But it wasn’t to be…

And that’s really a shame…

I give it four and a half pitchforks out of five.

A wonderfully sexy story with characters that I cared about and wanted to see more of… And that’s why it didn’t get a full five pitchforks… We just don’t see what happens after they have their first night together and that, really, is just an evil thing to do…



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