Nov 17 2012

A neat little Succubus pendant…

I was looking through etsy.com again this week and found what I think is a lovely little Succubus pendant there…

50s Rockabilly Gal with Devil HornsThe artist that created it calls it a 50s Rockabilly Gal with Devil Horns. You can find it here and the artist’s page as well here for those that are interested in it.

I like the retro look of the art and the design of the pendant and chain really works well with the art too which makes the entire piece even more lovely…

As well for only $7 US, it’s a nice little accent piece too…

Now the artist has made many many pieces of art in pendants, necklaces, pill boxes, and ID/Cigarette cases  as well and they have all of their items sell for under $10 US which really is nice of them to do so…

I had a good look around on their site, but I couldn’t find any other succubus or devil girl works that I could see. But they seem to like 50s images for their art and I think that they do that art so very well…

Do have a look!




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    That’s really cool, Mistress. *neat little huggles*

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    I can see this as just the succubish accessory. When someone meets that nice, demure woman, and that person’s gaze is drawn to the lovely picture on the pendant . . . and thinks about how those soft lips look like the woman’s soft lips . . . and realizes how one is now staring at the nice woman’s cleavage . . . and, just about the time that person begins to wonder “why the horns?”, she or he feels a tail wrapping around her or his waist . . .

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