Nov 11 2012

Wait and Remember

It is the tradition here on the Tale for there to be a moment to reflect and remember on the 11th of November. If you have the time, if you could, please remember?



Wait and Remember

By TeraS


The poppies on the field

Wait, Remember Son


The winds are still and

Wait, Remember Daughter


The world turning pauses to

Wait, Remember Husband


The sun for a moment will

Wait. Remember Wife


We in our lives for an instant

Wait, Remember Father


The sounds of life

Wait, Remember Mother


The moments we pass through

Wait, Remember Friend


All is paused to

Wait, Remember Lover


On this day, at this moment…

Wait and Remember.


  1. avatar

    When we remember, we bring the brave to us;
    they share our flesh, our blood, our hopes and dreams.
    When we remember, their hearts live withing us,
    their blood is ours, shed for all we proclaim.
    Let us remember, join their futures to us,
    that none may need to die in vain again.

  2. avatar

    Until the last shot is fired.

  3. avatar

    Thank you to all that serve, and remember…


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