Nov 09 2012

A Review of Hunger of the Succubus by Tasia Winters

One of the things that gets rather irritating is when an author releases a story, then hints at a sequel and then… pulls the rug out from under the reader by removing both the original story and the sequel as well. In the case this time, the author I hope didn’t take offence at the review they got at Amazon and will, someday, return to writing what is, really a very delicious Succubus story…

Hunger of the Succubus by Tasia Winters

Hunger of the Succubus by Tasia Winters

The story told of:

Keiri’s body has been prepared. Now, she is half out of her mind with animal lust, wearing only her collar and a white strip of cloth. Sire Mattias is leading her, on a leash, to hunt Brianna.

The succubus she inadvertently created.

Ritualistically, Keiri was taken for hours, fucked by The Sires and Headmaiden Lithia. Her passion, her lust and pleasure has been bound into magical symbols on her body, crafting her to be a weapon, to hunt the succubus.

Little does she know, she is about to become the hunted.

The story follows Keiri as she is used to hunt a Succubus. One that she knows very well because she, apparently, helped to create her. But how that happened, why it happened, and most of all, what Brianna was before we never know.

Setting that aside, the rest of the story is one of dominance, of control, and all of the things that mix in those themes. Keiri is chained and leashed, is made to repeat her submission to the one that holds her leash, and acts very much like the slave she seems to be. Except of course that she isn’t really able to hold her focus…

Having one’s mind connected to a Succubus, and feeling, knowing, all of the things that the Succubus encounters scrambles her mind to a large extent. That then creates an interesting mix of self need in Keiri to pleasure herself, or to be pleasured in any means possible. But she cannot be and thus must whine and whimper through moments of temptation and wanton desire in spite of herself.

But again, the problem is that we don’t know how she got to this point all that well. She hints at the means that were used, that she is marked with tattoos and so on, but the details are thin and the reader’s imagination has to fill in the gaps.

This is disappointing because the author writes some very, very hot scenes for Keiri and Brianna. I really didn’t expect them to be as delicious as they were, mostly for all of the D/s moments in the story, but I can overlook them for the story itself.

The hunt is the focus of the men in the story, but it is the taking of them by the Succubus, and the experience of that which Keiri shares that is wonderfully hot. I found that the description of what Brianna does, what she takes, and the effect she has on those she controls was well done. I found that I wanted to know a lot more about her, more than was said in this story, but we only see hints of Brianna…

I wonder what she really looks like, how much of her appearance is actually succubus-like or not. Keiri is covered in runes and symbols, we learn a lot about how she is dressed and so on… But not for Brianna.

This then brings up the point I mentioned at the beginning of this review. You cannot purchase this book any longer at Amazon, nor can you purchase the other work that is connected to it. So a lot of story, a lot of explanation is missing. The author moved off towards more D/s stories and just didn’t seem to come back to this series again.

Perhaps that’s why they pulled the work from Amazon rather than continue after they got the one review they received. As for that review, yes, the work is short and yes it ends just as it gets really interesting and hot. Perhaps it was meant to be, it seems we’ll never know for certain on that point.

It is a shame that the story isn’t being continued… I think that Brianna is interesting and I can sort of see the end fate for Keiri in this story. How the author would get to that point I think would have been an amazing piece to read.

I do recommend this work, even if it isn’t available any longer. Perhaps someday it will be again?

I’ll give this work four out of five pitchforks.

The biggest problem is that we are dropped into the middle of the story and we never really know the beginning and the end is never told. If the author ever releases this work, and the other parts again, I would ask that they make the entire story one work.

It would be amazing…




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    Even if, structurally, the author felt it best to drop us into the middle of this story, and even if there are reasons–which there may well be–to only let us glimpse at Brianna, simply saying that Keiri created her without saying how or why would seem to me to weaken the overall story. I, too, would hope the author could come back to this . . . but I won’t hold my breath.

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    Prolly not… Prolly not…


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