Nov 08 2012

Succubi Image of the Week 253

I’ve always liked Betty Paige. For those that don’t know who she is, and I would be surprised if you didn’t, she was a model in the 50s and really if you don’t know about her, have a look here in Wikipedia for more…

I found a really beautiful piece of art recently that really does remind me of her, though some of my online family seem to think that it reminds them of me…

Please to meet you by Scebiqu

Pleased to meet you by Scebiqu

This is called Pleased to meet you and is by an artist called Scebiqu on DeviantArt. You can see the page where I found this work here and the artist’s homepage on DeviantArt here as well!

I love her horns, nice and cute as my favourites are, a lovely long tail, again very yummy, she doesn’t have bat wings but feather-like ones, again like the ones that my Succubi self has as well. A lovely outfit that isn’t trashy or over the top either and a perfectly sexy hairstyle too…

Actually I can see why they think it looks a lot like me as it does have that classy seductive look that I love most of all…

Do visit the artist’s site and have a look at all of their other lovely works of art!




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    That she has succubi and not succubus characteristics makes her seem like you, Majesty (though I find you unique). I do see the Betty Page-ness in her face and body type, and a succubi named Betty, perhaps in charge of greeting at one of the portals to the Realm, could have an interesting story . . .

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    She’s beautiful…. until I get to her shins. I’m pretty sure she’s gonna have clawed dragon feet. What do some artists have against tootsies? *snugs*

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    Oh, Derek, when in doubt, let us hope for the best.

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    We will have to talk about that my heart…


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