Nov 04 2012

A Review of A Spirit in the Night by Katarina Ravenwood

One of the hardest things for me personally to read is a story set in Victorian times. It’s not for the language or the setting so much as the way that all women in that time are written to be sub servant to their husbands, to show as little intelligence as possible and, more often than not, lose their sexuality because they must act “right”…

But what if they could act differently?

A Spirit in the Night by Katarina Ravenwood

A Spirit in the Night by Katarina Ravenwood

  • Title: A Spirit in the Night
  • Author: Katarina Ravenwood
  • Publishing Date: March 3, 2012
  • Length: 3,500 Words
  • ASIN: B007GT1IEK
  • This work at Amazon.com

The story is about:

Mary is the proper, demure wife of a cold, distant husband. She has lived a life of meek subservience, keeping her sinful desires hidden deep down. Then one night her dull existence is shattered when she receives a visit from a lustful demon, a mythical incubus.

The creature unlocks a world of secret desires within Mary, and she learns the true depth of her hidden desire to sexually dominate in this sexually graphic short story loosely inspired by the Gothic horror romances of old.

Mary is a stereotypical “good” Victorian wife. That is to say that she obeys her husband, whether she really wants to or not, submits to his desires, and, tragically, has found that their love, which once was passionate… isn’t any more. Her husband is away more often than not and when he returns there is no love or passion anymore… Only duty. And duty isn’t making Mary any happier.

One day, she discovers a creature watching her and it awakens a passion in her to dominate it and that eventually makes her relationship with her husband change into something oddly different. And all of that is caused by the creature, who might be an Incubus, who allows Mary to do things and think thoughts that “good” women… don’t.

It’s an interesting transformation to watch really…

She goes from meek woman to a much more dominant one in a very short period of time and uses that dominance to her advantage which to me seems to be the point of the story overall.

My issue with stories like this is that they have the sensibilities of the time they are set in and, as a reader from the here and now looking back on those times, I just have a lot of issues with the treatment of woman in those times…

Setting my issues aside, the author writes well, the speech and thoughts feel right for the time and setting. The flow of the story is very good and I wasn’t drawn out of it save for the moments when I had to stop and shake my head at how Mary was seen and treated in her time.

The only thing that was missing was the question of why this all happened. I can take a guess at it, but I won’t. You should read the work and make up your own mind on that subject I think…

I’ll give this work three out of five pitchforks.

Many questions never answered, though the answers and reasons for what the Incubus wanted, did, and managed to change in Mary and her husband… Oddly, by the end of the story I felt as if Lilith would have been a better name for her…

It probably is.



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