Oct 31 2012

Tera’s Halloween 2012 Manip – Halloween Mask

It has been, I well know, a long time since I have done a manip, let alone one of a Succubi… I found an image that was, for me at least, amazingly striking and powerful for a lot of reasons.

With the help of my heart, without whom nothing I write is what it can really be, we created a story about the hidden shades that appear on Halloween…

It’s called Halloween Mask…

Halloween Mask by TeraS

Halloween Mask by TeraS

And the story, which I think is wonderfully domme…

Happy Halloween!


It seems that questions tickle your mind.

Is there anything real here? Is pretense all you find?


Amidst all of the costumes, the makeup and the fakes

her look keeps attracting you; there’s something her gaze . . . takes . . .


The mask gains your attention, but something makes you weak.

What does the lacey mask hide that you are drawn to seek?


Your inquiries forgotten, you gasp in fear, surprise,

held, helpless, longing to serve those enchanting green eyes.


Her will, her power, growing as more questions arrive . . .

When will she choose to take you? And how can you survive?


Her senses reach out, tasting, stroking, mulling your fate.

Are you her pet? Her plaything? What sweet debasements wait?


Her smile is pure seduction and soon you think no more

but simply purr, pant, prostrate yourself as you adore.


All Hallow’s Eve, my precious, with you kissing my feet,

satisfies this Succubi…

No trick . . . you are my treat.

May you all have a wonderful Hallween… Just do watch for those green eyes won’t you?


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