Oct 27 2012

A really neat Morrigan Aensland Succubus Plushie…

I was looking around a site called etsy.com the other day and just for the sake of looking I typed Succubus in the search bar…

And this cute little thing popped up…

Succubus Plushie Doll by Fuzzy Figure Guy

Succubus Plushie Doll by Fuzzy Figure Guy

This is what I would call a Succubus plushie doll and it is the creation of someone calling themselves Fuzzy Figure Guy on etsy.com.

Now it’s not actually saying this, but the hair she has and the outfit make me think this is very much a Morrigan Aensland plush…

Even if she does have a tail that is…

According to the information on this lovely work, it’s about six inches tall and it is, of course, handmade which makes it even more wonderful…

The creator of this plushie sells them for $15 US which I think is completely reasonable…

You can find this plushie on sale here at easy.com

Much congratulations to the artist on this work!




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    I see a tail on her! A nice blue one!!

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    It’s nice isn’t it?


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