Oct 26 2012

A Review of From the Bride of Samael by Luther Koon

I do enjoy a good mystery novel. But what I need to see in it is a story that keeps you guessing, characters that are more than I expect, and, most of all, I don’t want to know the ending by the second chapter of the story… And if it should include Succubi and Incubi? Well, that is a work that I simply must read…

From the Bride of Samael by Luther Koon

From the Bride of Samael by Luther Koon

  • Title: From the Bride of Samael
  • Author: Luther Koon
  • Publishing Date: March 21, 2012
  • Length: 154 Pages
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The work tells of:

They were here before the age of vampires. So deadly, so alluring to mortals they were that had no foe been spawned, no humanity would have survived them. Long forgotten and considered mythical, the few that remained lived in isolated places where their feeding went unnoticed. But the enemy has been reborn.

Lola teaches school at Aspen Falls Elementary. The only thing disturbing her peaceful existence is a raucous young man named Hugo. She looks to her Principal Bill Vinson to help. But in turning to Bill, she begins to think she may have opened the doors to an evil that she cannot stop. The quiet town of Aspen Falls will never be the same.

I really did enjoy this work more than I expected, I almost passed over this work because of the ploy summary, which really doesn’t quite ring true with the entire story. It does describe the opening chapters well enough, but then the story takes turns and twists that you wouldn’t, and I didn’t, expect.

There are Succubi in this work as well as Incubi, they are described as being a kind of demon and that they feed on sexual energy. We see moments of that, but there are no horns or tails on either of them. It’s also interesting that various supernatural beings appear and that they are not quite as they traditionally have appeared or act as in other stories.

One particular moment in this work gave me pause and that was the Succubus of the story has a winged steed… It made me pause because in a story that I have never released, the Succubi Queen me has what I describe as a Pegasus and the two ideas match together quite well I thought…

I won’t spoil whom the Succubus is, there are more than one of them, but it is notable that the problems of having a long life come to the front of the story. There are glimpses of the life they lead, how they are connected to their mates, and what Incubi have as an effect on them. All in all the background of the characters is nicely mixed into the story and it really gives a layer to the work that made it special.

I did find, to my delight, that the mystery of the book was hidden well enough that when it was revealed, I didn’t actually expect who was the point of it. More so, the resolution of the story, where Lola’s life is going from this moment, was again something that I didn’t expect. There are, of course, implications for all of the characters in the story, and in the end the open doors to them made me want to see the story continue. But it does not, the story comes to an end, and the questions remain…

The author has a good grasp of his characters, an excellent touch with dialogue, and really the entire work is a wonderful read. I have but two problems with the story as a whole. There isn’t, for me, enough of an explanation of the large numbers of supernatural beings that exist in this world. The other thing is that I would have liked to understand better how Succubi and Incubi came to be. The story speaks of there only being six Succubi in the world and that few of them still live by the time of this story. While there are hints of why this is, I would have liked to understand this part of this story’s mythology better…

I’ll give this work four pitchforks out of five…

The author muses about writing a sequel to this book. I would like to see that sometime…




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    Which is why you need to leave the author some unanswered questions, Majesty.

    It sounds like a story in a well constructed, engaging universe, the sort of book I expect to see about the Realm someday (he says, planning the Queen’s retirement . . . ).

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    It will be grand…


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