Succubi Image of the Week 251

It’s interesting to me how many pieces of art that have Succubi are made into tattoos and other such art… I came across a really beautiful piece of art on DeviantArt that I thought was really well done and sort of has put some story ideas into my thoughts…

Succubus by HarryBuddhaPalm

Succubus by HarryBuddhaPalm

This work is called Succubus and is by an artist named Justin Reed who also is calling themselves HarryBuddhaPalm on DeviantArt. You can find the page I originally found this work here, and the artist’s home page is here as well.

I love the pose, very sexy and seductive like all Succubi should be… I think that outfit she is wearing also just adds to her look and I really will have to use something like that in a story sometime… Just yummy. The wings are a bit on the boney side, but they work with her overall look and the skulls that top her boots nicely. Nice set of horns, not overly huge ones which fit with her body shape really well too… Love the tail, very mischievous in shape and form, and the glowing eyes just give the entire image a really nice focus too…

The artist has a mix of subjects in their art from fantasy through steampunk, science fiction and real life mixtures… They also did a really interesting group work of the characters from Darkstalkers that you can find here as well. There is also this interesting piece of Succubus art called The Devil’s Cheerleader which is deliciously evil as well…

I hope that you do visit their DeviantArt page and admire some of their delicious art…




    • James on October 25, 2012 at 11:43 am

    She is intriguing, and I like the tail. I am not much for the bony wings, though, and I wonder if the bat insignia covering her nipples makes her a succubus from Gotham City.

    • Avatar photo
    • TeraS on November 12, 2012 at 12:35 pm

    That’s quite the interesting thought…


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