Desires 51

Together is a word that when it is true, means something…


Desires – Needs

By BFSlave and Tera S

Part Eleven


She nuzzled into his hand and smiled softly. She slipped her hands around his waist and then laced her fingers together to draw herself closer to him. Then she whispered, “Let’s find out together then…”

Then she moved closer yet to him. She parted her legs and wiggled her way slowly against his right thigh until her heat was rubbing gently against him. She pushed her breasts into his chest a bit harder making her nipples two hot points against him. Then she tilted her head a little bit and began to slowly… Even so slowly… Kiss her way along his neck until she reached his ear. She breathed hotly into it and said, “Let’s explore our needs…”

She shifted her body just a little bit making her nipples move around on his chest. As they did, she shivered and panted in the need that was growing within her for him. She kissed her way along his cheek and then paused just in front of his and moaned, “And see where we arrive…”

Her lips slipped across his for a moment and then she nibbled on his softly. She moaned as her tongue pressed against his lips trying to part them aside and then her tongue slipped into his mouth hotly twining with his for a moment before she deepened the kiss further and allowed their passions to grow stronger and stronger. She broke the kiss with regret and asked as their foreheads touched together, “And what we will have together…”



And together can be forever can’t it?




    • avatar
    • James on October 23, 2012 at 9:41 am

    Yes, it can . . .

    *taking a moment to cool myself down*

    She may have broken the kiss, but the connection is just beginning . . .

    • avatar
    • TeraS on November 12, 2012 at 12:33 pm


    One hopes as does the other…


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