Oct 20 2012

A Morrigan Aensland music YouTube…

One of the things I haven’t really looked into is the video games that Morrigan Aensland appears in. As such, I have never heard her music…

Until now that is…

And in case you can’t see the video here:


Oh and I do rather like the artwork of Morrigan that the poster of this video used…

I admit that the tune repeats… a lot. So really you only need to listen to the first twenty seconds or so to get the entire theme I think…

It does fit Morrigan in a way, though I would have thought that her victory music would have been a little bit more… seductive?

I have to think about that some…




  1. avatar

    I would definitely have wanted something more seductive and less ’80s-techno-bop.

    That may just be me.

  2. avatar

    No, quite right my heart, but it is what it is…


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