Oct 10 2012

A neat little mask and horns…

If I can’t find a decent costume for Halloween, maybe I can find a decent mask with horns… I mean, really, that can’t be that hard to find can it?

Or maybe it can?

Horns Mask

Just a simple mask with horns… Nothing really odd about it is there? It sells on several sites on the internet for around $8. It’s a metallic red eye mask with PVC horns that has a hard exterior but does have padded fabric inside and an elastic to hold it in place.

I’ve seen and worn better than this honestly…

Oh it doesn’t look that bad, but… I just am rather cold over it…

Mind you, with the right metallic red dress?

This could be an neat final touch for it, but I would have to change how it stays in place I think… I think that some spirit gum and removing the elastic would help to make it look a bit better…

I’lll give it two pitchforks out of five.

Mainly because it’s given me an idea to ponder…



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    I don’t know. I look at the contours which, I assume, constitute the brow, and the positioning and size of the horns, and I think it would make the wearer definitely lean toward the masculine, if not the cro magnon.

    A dress and a mask with a metallic sheen has a definite allure, however, Majesty.

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    Must ponder that my heart….


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