Oct 09 2012

Desires 49

And the big question arrives as it is want to do…


Desires – Needs

By BFSlave and Tera S

Part Nine


She left her hand there between his for a time letting him feel her energies as they tickled across him. She wanted to just take him away from here and make his dreams come true. But she couldn’t just do that to him. He wasn’t a simple encounter to keep her going. He was so much more than that.

She sensed that he was offering himself to her before the words had left his lips. A lesser being could have just ensnared him, wiped his mind and made him a plaything. She wasn’t a lesser being. That would be something she would never willingly do. Especially now. Especially with him….

She slipped off the barstool and pressed against him, her breasts just brushing so gently against his chest as she did so. She reached a hand to cup his cheek and shivered from the pleasure of that simple contact with him. As he watched, she took a deep breath and prepared to ask the question of him that her heart demanded she ask.

She then looked into his eyes and said in a deadly serious tone, “Be careful whom you give your soul to. You will never get it back…”



I keep warning people about that don’t I?



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