Oct 06 2012

She makes a really nice Ragnarok Succubus…

I was poking around the Cosplay.com site again this week and found a Cosplayer that did their take on the Ragnarok Succubus… and I think personally that she made a wonderful creation…

Ragnarok Online Succubus by Aris-Cross

Ragnarok Online Succubus by Aris-Cross

Her name is Aris-Cross and this is one of several images of a Ragnarok Succubus Cosplay she created in 2011. You can find her page on Cosplay.com here and the page with this costume shown on it here as well…

Now this might not be the best of all of the examples of people Cosplaying this particular Succubus, but I think this was nicely done, as a lot of cute in it, and that’s what makes or breaks cosplays of this particular Succubus…

I like the simplicity of the look of this costume… It’s not overdone, the boots are an excellent match for the outfit, the horns are not too large and look nice too..

Her wings look a little odd, but that can be from the angle she was sitting in when this image was taken of her…

All of the important marks of a Ragnarok Succubus are there obviously, the garter is a nice touch and really helps the overall look a bunch too…

Interestingly this Cosplayer is from Russia and I wonder if she has been to any North American cons or not as for some reason she seems very familiar to me…

Would be interesting to know either way..




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    Could she seem familiar because all succubi are familiar to you, Majesty? 😉

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