Desires 48

Sometimes the right moment makes the right things happen…


Desires – Needs

By BFSlave and Tera S

Part Eight


As his lips touched her hand, she shivered at the feeling. She managed to hold back a moan for the most part, allowing only a slight sigh to escape her lips. She smiled and whispered, “It’s been ages since I’ve had a real man greet me in the proper way…. Thank you Derek…. That means more to me than you can ever know….”

“You’re very welcome, Tera” He thought It’s a shame that such a beautiful lady hasn’t been treated like one. I guess there’s something to be said about being “old school”.She was special, no doubt about it. No one else existed except for her. Even if someone had come up to him naked, he wouldn’t look away from this enchanting woman.
She looked at him and said, “Don’t you think that you are being a bit too critical about yourself Derek? Relax a little bit. I promise that I will not bite. I might nibble a little though….” She gave him a wink and a smile before moving a little bit closer to him.

He wondered how she knew about his subconsious dig at himself, but the thought didn’t last long as the incredible vixen moved closer. He breathed in her scent, stronger now than before, and felt himself relax without even trying.
She nibbled on her lip for a moment and then asked almost fearfully, “Are you waiting for anyone in particular Derek? Or am I lucky enough that you might be my companion for tonight?”

Is she really saying this to me? This only happens in my dreams. But I’ve never seen anyone like her, even in dreams. “No. No one. And,” he said with a lump in his throat, “I’d be the lucky one, if I was yours. I mean, if I was your companion. Or just yours.” He blushed at his clumsy compliment. He could barely hold his thoughts together.
She had made her horns and tail invisible to blend in as best she could here, but they still existed. She very carefully slid the tip of her tail towards his right ankle, and then she began to twine it around his leg. She didn’t squeeze him with it, but she wanted to hold him possessively all the same. She quivered a little bit as her tail came so close to his manhood, but then pulled back before she went too far here in public. She had to concentrate to unravel her tail from him without giving too much of herself away to him.

He could swear he felt something touch him, like some gentle, unseen snake or something wrapping around his leg. He barely noticed it, especially when he breathed in her scent and looked into those amazing eyes again. Then, as soon as it was there, the feeling was gone.
She reached a hand to touch him instead to maintain that contact with him. She paused with her fingers just above his hand as it lay on the bar countertop. She looked into his eyes with the need within her so plain within her green eyes. Then as her fingers brushed the back of his hand, she added, “And perhaps something more?”

He shivered as she touched him. He’d never felt anything like this before. It was like magic. He had to be with her. He felt a need inside like he’d never felt in his life. Could she be… her? The one? The woman I’ve wanted to find in every face, in every crowd? He gently placed his hand on top of hers, sandwiching it between his trembling hands. “I’m all yours, Tera. For as long as you want me.” He thought Forever if you want. He was falling for her. He left himself completely open to her. For better or worse, he really was all hers.

And mine and mine alone?




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    • James on October 2, 2012 at 10:20 am

    I expect so . . . but there are always surprises, aren’t there?

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    • TeraS on October 21, 2012 at 6:14 pm



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