Sep 26 2012

Glitter doesn’t have to kill a Succubus costume does it?

I don’t mind glitter on a costume all that much really… It can look nice with the right costume, but with the wrong one… it just makes it so much worse…

Kind of like this one…

Glitter Fever Devil Costume
This is called the Glitter Fever Devil Costume and it comes with the red glitter dress, a matching tail and a pair of red devil horns.

The stockings and shoes are not included in the costume and it sells for $50 at various costume sites on the internet…

I have to admit that I am of two minds about this costume… On the one hand I like the horns more than I really should, but the tail I just hate. I like the glitter skirt on the dress, but I don’t like the glitter on the top of it all that much…

I could see this as the basis for a Succubi Cheerleader outfit. Well the skirt and horns at least and with those stockings and shoes it would be close… A pair of matching pompoms would be really nice to complete the look as well I think…

Thinking about this a little further, I suppose a sort of “go-go” Succubi look might work here, but then I would have to find a good wig to go with that look…

Or cut my hair into a bob… or not… I do like my long hair after all…

But as it is?

I don’t like it that much to consider buying it and wearing it for Halloween really…

There are ways to save this, which makes it more than it otherwise should be, but not quite enough.

I’ll give it one pitchfork out of five.

I’ll keep looking….




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    I agree with just about everything you said m’lady. Though the tail wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t glitterized. I like the leggings myself (though a touch shorter would be better). And PLEASE don’t cut your hair. It would be a travesty 😉 Still want to see which Halloween costume you choose though.

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    I like the cheerleader idea, I must say . . . maybe with a nice white sweater, some pom-poms, and a better tail.

    I can’t believe those shoes don’t come with the costume . . . they are so perfect.

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    Oh it’s a lot better than this I promise dearest Legion…


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    Ay least my heart…


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