Sep 24 2012

Wholesome. Addicted. – Part Two By TeraS

This is the second of what has become four and possible five parts of what was supposed to be a three part story called: Wholesome. Addicted. It tells the story of one of my Succubi named Laila, how she became one of my Realm and what that all means. Laila is the mascot of a podcast called Wholesome Addiction and you can find the link to their site in the sidebar to the right of this post.

I want to thank Sean, Beef and the Operator once again for allowing me to write a story about her. I think she’s really something special and I hope that by the end of this story, that it will be clear why she is special…

You can find the story in its entirety here on the Tale, or you can have a look at the menu bar under Tera’s Tales.

In the first part of the story we were introduced to Laila, a woman that was an inspiration to many, but didn’t have a lot of luck in her own life. In this part of the story, the reasons for that become very clear… oh, and there is an angel… But that will be all explained soon enough…

Some heat in this part, the real heat is in the next part of the story, and the part after that, and a bit more after that… But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Let’s see what happens in Part Two…


Wholesome. Addicted.

Part Two

By TeraS


Welcome back, pet … No, don’t try to … I said not to try to do that … Don’t look at me; you were the one with the dream about being tied to your bed … helpless … at my complete and utter mercy …

Although why you have this particular fetish, I have no idea. No, not the one about being tied up; that’s pretty vanilla, really. What I meant was the other one, the one with me dressed in a latex schoolmistress outfit and carrying a cattle prod. And why exactly do I have to give you a spelling test?

No, never mind; it isn’t important just this moment, is it? You’ll be cumming your brains out soon enough and I’ll get my answer … assuming that your tongue isn’t busy doing other, more … interesting … things. But I’ll teach you those … slowly … so verrrrrrrrry slowly …

Now … where was I? Oh, yes …

The following morning, I still hadn’t made up my mind. I called Sam, mostly to find out how the show went and to soothe the panic in his voice. When I got off the phone with him—and yes, the show was a stunning success; yes, he had a show in New York next; and yes, had all kinds of other offers—I was out of sorts.

I was happy for him—no, really, I was—but the thing was that, in spite of being happy for him, I didn’t have my thoughts on Tera’s offer straight in my mind. I needed to get that done, and so I did what I usually did first thing in the morning when my brain was fried … I got coffee.

And that’s where my life changed.

I had just paid for my coffee and was turning to leave when I ran headlong into him. I was so concerned with the hot liquid running over my hand that I didn’t look at him when he said, “Watch where you’re going. You’ll get run over in traffic like that.”

I grabbed some napkins and dabbed at the mess, unhappy that my coffee was now coloring the floor. “Sorry.”

I realized that he hadn’t moved and looked up at him, to apologize once more, but instead I knelt there, dumbfounded, at a complete loss for words.

And, god, was I suddenly wet. No, not my hand; I mean my pussy. I was dripping.

He was … well … perfect: male model material with blond hair … and the Armani suit didn’t do anything but bring attention to the fact he was built like a ton of bricks. Which was appropriate, since that also described how I fell for him. But I couldn’t see his eyes for the pair of mirrored sunglasses that hid them. There was an odd glint that I noticed from them, but that thought fled me in the next moment.

“So you must be the Laila that everyone is talking about.”


He didn’t offer his hand, but that didn’t matter. He smiled at me and my pussy drooled.

“I’m Gabe.”

I couldn’t put two words together and just knelt there, waiting for him to do something, say something … command something. I wasn’t sure why I was so taken by him, but the coffee didn’t matter anymore, everyone in the coffee shop didn’t matter, either. All that mattered was to listen to him and look at him.

“Why don’t we take a seat and talk?” And again, that smile.

That made sense to me: he was in control and of course I had to do what he told me to. There was something about that bothering me, but that thought vanished into the ether along with my ability to think straight. That always was my biggest problem: I would be overwhelmed by a strong man with a hard attitude and he’d get whatever he wanted from me. Always.

I scrambled off the floor and into a booth, then sat there and listened to him as he talked about himself, what he wanted, what I could do for him, and … I just nodded in agreement. When he suggested that we go back to my place, I saw no reason not to, and followed him like I was on a leash, just like I did with any other man that had been part of my life before, but ever so much more so. The entire thing felt so incredibly familiar and yet I couldn’t, or didn’t want to, make it stop.

He took my keys and opened the door, going inside and looking around. I shuffled in and shut the door, still dazed and confused as he looked around my apartment. Or at least he did until he found a silver card sitting by the telephone. Taking a pen out of his pocket, he pushed it off the table and then kicked it under the couch as I watched. I knew I should say something, but I just couldn’t find the words. My pussy was aching, and that overcame any concerns that I had.

His next words should have concerned me—“You’ll call her after”—but I just stupidly nodded. I knew that wasn’t right, but I didn’t care, couldn’t care, didn’t want to care.

Gabe walked up to me and then took off his glasses, revealing a sparkling pair of blue eyes, the bluest I had seen to that point in my life: “You don’t need her. You need to be with me. You need to be mine.”

At those words, my mind truly became fuzzy and he was my world.

I didn’t need her.

I needed to be with him.

I needed to be his.

Whatever he wanted was right and nothing else mattered …

…even when he grabbed my hand and dragged me to my bedroom …

… and even when he told me to strip and get on the bed.

Even as I did so, my pussy aching, he snarled things at me: “You are a bad girl, you know, such a hussy, giving yourself to anyone, anytime. I’ll break you of that, slut.”

One part of my mind, the small part that I wasn’t quite understanding, tried to get through to me that something was very wrong and that I should do something. But that small part was no match for the huge part that wanted to be fucked, for my whole body burning for him.

I heard the last of his clothing fall to the floor and then felt my legs being pulled towards him. “You’ll have no other than me. You will not be with anyone else but me. I am your all and …”

And the phone rang.

I found that I could look behind me, in the direction of the ring, and saw him staring at the phone before reaching and grabbing it off the side table and throwing it out of the room. “Too late. You’re mine.”

Then that didn’t matter again once he smiled. There was that flash in his eyes and I turned back and raised my ass into the air and waited for him to claim me. This was better, after all. He would run my life, tell me what to think and what to say, and that was perfectly fine. All I had to do was spread my legs and let him… fuck… me …

I felt his hands on my calves as he moved behind me, the tip of his cock pressing against my folds, and I moaned in need … and then … and then …

… he said “meep” … and stopped moving.

I looked over my shoulder to see what Gabe was waiting for and … and he had a problem.

Her name was Tera.

She looked exactly as I had seen her the day before, and she had his balls in one hand, squeezing them tightly. With her other hand she was raking her nails over his chest and leaving white scratches against his skin. At least I knew what made him say “meep” a moment before, but not why.

My throat was dry as I managed in a confused voice, “Tera?”

“Hello again, Laila. Gabriel, let her go.”

“You have no power here, Tera.”

“Interesting … I have your balls in my hand, and if I want to I can see to it that you’ll never, ever cum again. I would have thought you would have learned by now: when you intrude in things … it is a mistake.”

“I am doing what’s best.”

He winced as she tightened her grasp a little more, purring, “Really? As I understand it, all mortals are allowed the gift of free will; to choose, to decide.”

“You interfered with her.”

“No, you started that a long time ago, didn’t you? Tell me, just how many of those ex-boyfriends were like you, or were you, or were working for you, hmmm?”

When she said that, all of the heat and desire I had for Gabe just melted away. I remembered all of the guys that were nice at first, and then how everything fell apart for me. It never worked, ever. And Tera was saying that Gabe was responsible? When that realization came, It felt like a fog was being blown away from my thoughts, and I fell onto the bed and rolled over to look at him, tears in my eyes and disbelief in my voice.

“Gabe, what is she talking about?”

“Nothing. I’ll get rid of her, and then I’ll give you the fucking you so desperately need.”

I caught a flash of light from his eyes, almost like the glint I had seen from his sunglasses earlier that morning, when my pussy ached and I fell for him … hard. But then he let out another yelp and … and I didn’t feel anything for him. My voice was shaky as I looked at the two of them, “What the hell is going on?”

Tera’s tail shifted behind her, “My, my, my, so it isn’t for love then … is it? Do you want to explain to her what you did and who you are, or shall I do the honours?”

“Go to Hell, Tera.”

She laughed, and that was the laugh of a woman held all the cards, or balls, in her hand: “They don’t want me there, but they are looking forward to seeing you.”

“Laila, you know him as Gabe, I know him as Gabriel—not the famous one, but a cousin—and he’s one of a very few self-righteous angels who thinks that mortals are sheep to be tamed and herded.”

His growl was dangerous and I shimmied back on the bed trying to put some space between the two of them and me: “Don’t listen to her. She’s a soulless bitch and …”

… and he screamed.

You’ve never heard a scream, not a real, soul-wrenching one, until the Queen of the Succubi gives someone she doesn’t like a reason to scream. I had to put my hands over my ears to try and block out some of it … it didn’t help much.

The alarming thing was, Tera looked almost … bored. Like this was something she did every day. The next part of their conversation explained that.

The screaming finally stopped and Gabe panted and tears streamed from his eyes. But Tera didn’t release him. “Now then, there are certain rules that most beings like me adhere to. For example, if we have interest in a mortal, we give her a clear, unbiased chance to make up her mind. The worst thing to do is to mess with her emotions and thoughts … in other words, make her choose, the way we want her to.” The tip of her tail tussled Gabe’s hair, “Gabriel … dear Gabriel … doesn’t believe in that, and he, along with certain beings in Hell that shall remain nameless, feels that giving choice, especially a choice as I give to the rare soul, is a danger to them, and so they do … poor things.”

It was all too much to process, “What did you do to me, Gabe?”

He didn’t answer me, and his eyes flashed again, but I didn’t feel anything for him now. I sort of had a clue what that meant, and Tera confirmed it, to my regret: “I’ll tell you, Laila, since he won’t. One of his powers is to tap into the emotions of mortals and bend them to his will. In other words, he messed with your heart, then with your mind, and, lastly, he was going to bend your soul to what he wanted it to be.” Tera’s nails dug in again and she turned Gabe’s head to look at her. “So, what were you planning to do with her after you changed her, Gabriel?”

He winced and wined, but he did answer her. I think he knew that if he didn’t she would make good on her promise to him, “Make her do my bidding. She’s an inspiration to others; she would inspire them for us.”

“You mean for yourself, don’t you?”

“Fuck you, Tera.”

“mmm … No thank you, you never were my type Gabriel. You … NEVER … were.”

Gabe didn’t answer, and so Tera continued. “Here’s the bottom line. He messed with your entire life. He’s made sure that all of it led to this moment where you would give yourself to him and he would have you. He’s very good with making puppets to do his bidding. Quite proud of it, actually, and really self-absorbed over it.”

Gabe managed anther growl, “Tera, if you leave now …”

He didn’t finish the sentence because I slapped him across the face and drew his attention back to me. “Is she telling the truth? Is she?”

The smile wasn’t nice anymore, “Yes, but you won’t remember any of this when I get rid of her and take care of you, bitch.”

Remember I said something about-soul wrenching screams? I was wrong. A true soul-wrenching scream is one that comes from within yourself when you find out that your life—all of it, every terrifying moment—was caused by a being that looked at you like you were a bug and was going to step on you.

And I screamed as I beat my fists against his chest … again …

… and again.

I finally stopped screaming and looked at his face to see total indifference there waiting for me. But I also saw Tera’s face, and that made my choice for me. She just looked … heartbroken for me.

“Tera …”

Gabe’s voice broke my words like the sound of thunder: “She lies! She will damn you! I am your only …”

My own voice, as small and calm as it was, was enough to silence him: “No, she hasn’t lied to me. She hasn’t asked for anything. You did, from the moment I met you. She revealed herself without condition. You hid yourself from me. She didn’t make up my mind for me. You tried to. She isn’t … you. You said you wanted my soul, Gabe. She told me it would still be mine. My choice. My decision. Mine.”

Tera’s hand moved from Gabe’s balls to his cock and she pulled him away from me. “She’s rejected you, Gabriel. You have no more power over her.”

“Fuck you, Tera.”

Tera sighed. “Not with what I am feeling down here, you poor thing.”

Gabe gasped in surprise and then Tera … just let go of him.

“What are you doing, Tera?”

“Well, he won’t be having any fun and games for a while … oh, and I have given him something to think about.”

He didn’t say a word, but the daggers from his eyes that flew at me, at both of us, told me that I had made an enemy.

Then, he changed. It was still the Gabe I thought I knew, but a golden halo appeared above his head and large wide white wings spread out from behind him: my first angel, one that hated me now. In the next moment he was gone, all of his things as well, and I was left alone with Tera.

“I’m sorry, Laila.”

“Tera … what does this all mean … really?”

“It means the choice is still yours. If you say no, he can’t hurt you anymore. If you say yes … Well, you’ll see why it isn’t all as bad as it seems right now.”

“It seems really bad now. Pissing off an angel.”

“Oh, I don’t know. The ones that matter see us for the joys we bring. Some of them have even shared themselves with some very lucky succubi and incubi.”

“What do you mean, Tera?”

That was something that I was going to have the answers for. I had made my choice, I just hadn’t spoken the words to her… but I would.

“There are pleasures that matter. Perhaps the greatest one is knowing the difference between sex, lust, and love.”

I couldn’t help the smile, “I accept your offer, Tera.”

“Are you sure? Because there is no turning back once you have decided.”

“Oh, I’m sure. I’m not in this for the sex, or the lust, or, for that matter, the love. I’m going into this because I believe in choice, too.”

Tera closed the distance between us and opened her arms to me, “Come here … You need a shoulder to cry on and I’m not going anywhere without you.”

I didn’t think I needed to cry, but I did need a friend, and she was there. She accepted me with all of my faults … and then the dam broke and I cried for hours. I can tell you that spending the night with the Queen does open your eyes … and … it’s wonderful …

… just wonderful.

So, pet, I can see that you are straining at the bit, and I don’t mean the one that I am going to use on you later, either. Now then, we are going to begin the oral spelling exam, and this is how it’s going to work. If you spell the word correctly, then you will be lucky enough to try to make me cum with your tongue. If you manage that … well, then you’ll find out just how talented I can be with my pussy when I envelope your cock with it … and ride you … over and over until your cock is vibrating in need.

If not … well, then, we’ll find out just what you want me to do with the cattle prod, won’t we?

The first word? Oh, it’s an easy one …





Next time, Laila finds herself in the Realm of the Succubi, and becomes one of the succubi. There will be an exam.




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