Sep 23 2012

A Review of Infernal Desires by Prudence Sinclaire

Occasionally there is a story that I think really has possibilities. Whether that is in the characters, the story or the setting, sometimes it just gets my attention and I really like it. The problem comes when everything is going great, I am devouring the book, and then I run over editing problems…

Infernal Desires by Prudence Sinclaire

Infernal Desires by Prudence Sinclaire

The work is about:

Victoria had never been so embarrassed as the night she almost ate her boyfriend’s soul. After a quick talk with her mother, Vicki learns she’s a succubus who’s just come into her powers. As Vicki struggles to control her newfound abilities, will she remain true to her human intentions or will she give in to her demonic lust?

Victoria is a sexy redhead that has a boyfriend she loves… The problem starts when her sexual drives get the better of her and then, to her surprise, she sees something pass out of her boyfriend’s mouth. Something golden, bright, and tempting…

Thinking that it was a bad trip on some bad drugs, she talks to her girlfriend about it, and then winds up calling her mother. And then her mother tells Victoria that she is a Succubus and what that all means… but where does Victoria go from there?

I liked Victoria in a lot of ways… She doesn’t want to give up her humanity for her new found gifts, though she is quite willing to use them to have something she wants, or needs, however she will get it. We only see the beginnings of her being a Succubus, but the explanation of a Succubus in this universe, and what they can do is really well done.

I liked the description of a soul, at least how Victoria and her kind see them, it’s a concept that really works well in this case and it’s nicely visual in your imagination when you read about it. While there are souls to be seen, Victoria has no horns or tail, her mother tells her that she is a half-Succubus, but nonetheless a Succubus all the same.

Speaking of her mother, I loved her… She was, in so many ways, like the Succubi me in how she deals with her daughter. It’s all so matter of fact with Victoria’s mom, but, it’s the force of character she has that makes her appearance so much more.

The story itself was really well done with a beginning, middle and end to it which I like, but it also left the door open to another chapter in Victoria’s new life and I hope that we might see that someday soon. I do think that the author needs to take one more editing pass at this story however as there are a few small issues with it. Now and again, words are missing. I’m not sure why that is, but I would have thought that a couple of editing passes would have found the places where that happens and fix them.

Otherwise, a really nice story about a Succubus coming of age. But more importantly to me, she isn’t evil, she isn’t a monster either. She’s a woman that cares about what she has to do to live and doesn’t want to hurt the one she loves in order to do so…

Just really well done

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Great concept, lovely story, but really needs one more editing pass…



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    Sounds like an interesting concept. I like the idea of seeing how a succubus comes into her own and with a teenage bent… kind of like Buffy but with being a succubus and not a slayer. And any character that is written like the Queen is always a bonus.

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    Editing oneself can be extremely difficult and challenging. I shudder to think about things I have found of mine on printed pages that I went over many times and never noticed because my mind simply filled in what I knew was supposed to be there. This is why a capable editor is invaluable. I hope someday Your Majesty finds one. 😉

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    *snugs my heart and more for his gifts to me that I cherish*


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