A cosplayer that is a real life Morrigan Aensland

I found a cosplayer that I think has done a remarkable real life cosplaying of the succubus Morrigan Aensland that I would like to share today on the Tale…

She calls herself Mrs Hyde and this is, really, wonderful I think in so many ways…

Morrrigan Aensland Cosplay by Mrs Hyde

Morrrigan Aensland Cosplay by Mrs Hyde

Now this is just one of several images of her as Morrigan, I’ll share one more of the series that you can find here as well, and you really should have a look because it’s amazingly well done…

Morrrigan Aensland Cosplay by Mrs. Hyde

Morrrigan Aensland Cosplay by Mrs. Hyde

Mrs. Hyde is apparently from Colombia, and she has done quite a lot of cosplaying, her favourite is this Morrigan costume that has won 2nd place in one cosplaying contest she entered it in.

According to her, the costume is the creation of Claudia Arana and is a remarkably complex thing really, but her bosy shape lends itself to Morrigan quite well and I think that the overall look is so very close to the drawings of Morrigan that she is, for the most part, really a real life Morrigan dressed up like this.

She gave quite a lot of detail on how the costume was put together, and it really lets you see how much you have to work at things to make them come together like this so well…

According to her:

The little wings on the head were done with fabric, wire for the structure, sculpting material and plastic old cables to simulate the “bones”. They are fully removable and very light-weighted.

The wig is “Tina” from Cosworx in turquoise, styled and cut by me.

The big wings were done with plastic tubing (pieces of hula hoop to be more precise) with wire inside to maintain the desired shape, then everything was cover in fabric and finalize with some sculpting material to create the tips of the wings and the little bone “claw” at the top. All the materials were chosen especifically to keep the wings as light as posible.

The body is made out of a very strong pleather and it has two small “pockets” behind in wich the wings are inserted, the body holds up because of the strong material and the lightweight wings. On the inside it has a bra cup for support and shape, that comes with clear detachable straps for comfort.

The stockings were died from scratch (I think I messed up about 15 pairs just trying to get the right color T.T), the little bats were painted while I was wearing them with a stencil and a sponge with very little paint to avoid leaking.

The gloves were died from scratch and the feathers are sewn to them in an elastic band to allow me movement on the arms. The band also has little hooks on the ends for attachment to the body.

And the boots were custom made for the outfit.

Of course this description does not come close I think to the, I am sure, months if not years of effort that she put into making this perfect example of Morrigan come real…

Much love and huggles to Mrs. Hyde and Claudia Arana for their work and sharing it with us all!




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    • James on September 15, 2012 at 4:18 pm

    True artists, like Mrs. Hyde and yourself, Majesty, are able to do excellent, painstaking work for projects they truly love and/or people they truly love.

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    • TeraS on September 24, 2012 at 1:38 pm


    Not really me my heart….


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