Sep 13 2012

Succubi Image of the Week 245

For last week’s Succubi, this week’s and next week’s I will be sharing the works of the artist Hooksnfangs on DeviantArt. You can find their page on DeviantArt here, and last week’s Succubi here on the Tale as well…

And this week, the fun Succubi continue…

Jaddice by Hooksnfangs

Jaddice by Hooksnfangs

This work is called Jaddice and I originally found this work here on DeviantArt.

This is just such a fun image isn’t it? A mischievous smile, a pose that is delicious, a cute playful tail, and an outfit that is just perfect for a Succubi…

To be honest, it’s really a toss up between this image and last week’s for my personal fav from this artist… I think I like the other one for the whimsy in it, but this one for the seductiveness of it…

Either one makes a lovely Succubi…

One more next week to come…




  1. avatar

    She definitely has the Queen’s “planning and plotting” look on her face . . .

  2. avatar

    Very nice… but a bit too horny for me : P

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    And that look I need to copyright I think…


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