Expecting Lost Girl to return this week? Not so much.

So, the fall television season begins this week, and in theory that means that the third season of Lost Girl should also begin… But it isn’t.

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Why you ask? Well, let’s start with this announcement from the official Showcase Twitter stream:

Lost Girl Announcement

So that means, realistically, that the third season of Lost Girl will not start until January 2013 at the earliest. And why would that be?


You see, Syfy in the United States will not be showing Season Three of Lost Girl until the first week of January 2013 and one would assume that they asked Showcase not to air the third season so that the ratings would be better…

Since Syfy hasn’t been able to show the series at the same time as it aired in Canada, a lot of viewers were going to torrents and “other means” to get their Lost Girl fix in advance of Syfy getting their chance to air the series, which, in theory, means that the ratings could be hurt to an extent. So how do you overcome that problem? Simple, you tell Showcase to not air Season Three until Syfy is planning to.

That then begs the question to both Showcase and Syfy if there will be more than 13 episodes in the third season or not. It also bring the question of if there is more than 13 episodes will that mean a split season, as Syfy always does with their series, and if that happens, what does Showcase do? And if that happens, does that mean that Season Three will then complete in the winter of 2014?

I think that doing so would harm more than help the series as a whole because that draws out the season to an extent that most of the Canadian viewers of the series may well forget that it exists… which would be a shame, but is entirely possible. The other part of extending the season, which I hope to be honest doesn’t happen this year, is that Season Two seemed… mishandled.

By that I mean so many of the episodes seemed like filler to me and that diluted the season as a whole. It started strong, got to the logical and well done end of the original thirteen episode season, and then the second half felt like it was rushed… far too much.

Another thing that I wonder about is that for the third season in a row the show runner has changed. It doesn’t make for a good overall sense of story and character development when the people in charge keep changing all the time. Now, I do know that the bible of the series is still being followed, and I know that much of Bo’s path is still being carried forwards in the overall season arcs, but otherwise things have been changing and not for the better I think.

As well, it seems like the in thing for this season will be having all kinds of guest stars popping in for an episode and creating some kind of havoc in the series before vanishing, never to be seen again. That gets old, really old, very quickly. I do not have high hopes for this, but as always I will give anything a chance to disappoint me of course…

This season also appears to be “The Year of Darkness” which I think has to be some kind of television series requirement now that I think about it. It seems to me that about this point in any long living series that either the main character or one of the important ones has to be corrupted, or turn evil, or have something dark happen for the sake of “character development.” I hope that I am wrong about this, but given how that concept was hammered at the viewer at the end of Season Two, I will not be surprised when that happens…

Who knows? Maybe Bo will finally get a decent wardrobe as a result?

The one storyline that I want to get to quickly is what happens to Kenzi. As a result of seeing The Norn, she has been given “a gift” of some kind which I have to believe is a Fae power or transformation of some kind… I wonder what that will be?

If she becomes a Succubus like Bo I don’t think I will be pleased by that at all…

So, another few months of delay and waiting until Lost Girl begins again, I will of course be watching and writing about the season when it begins…

Who knows?

I might even write a bit of fanfic if the mood strikes me…




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    • James on September 9, 2012 at 2:47 pm

    Well, SyFy has long since given up doing anything useful for science fiction, and they run less and less that I have any interest in watching.

    But, fear not: if it is a 26-episode split series, it could well be January to the beginning of April the June through August, giving plenty of time for Season 4 (the Hangover after Darkness) to begin in January, 2014.

    As for changing show-runners as often as they change the Ash: can’t help you there.

    But any fanfic you write will be better than most of the episodes planned for season 3, without a doubt.

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    • TeraS on September 24, 2012 at 1:15 pm

    Prolly, but then I have hopes for the series and I will not be happy if they don’t become true ones…

    Like getting them all to stop drinking so much! Sheesh!


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