Sep 01 2012

A decent Morrigan Aensland Cosplayer YouTube…

There hasn’t been a YouTube posted with a Morrigan Aensland cosplayer in a while… I found one and she’s fairly good as Morrigan though some of the moments in the video are a little silly, but that’s not a bad thing really…

And in case you can’t see it here:


And one screenshot of her as well…

Cosplaying Morrigan Aensland by Francesca Dani

Sorry it’s a bit blurry, but the video has so few clear moments of her that this will have to do. Her name is Francesca Dani and she has a website that she appears in all sorts of costumes in. You can google that easily enough I would expect if you want to see more of her work. Or you can look here for their YouTube channel which has a lot of similar videos on it.

I would have liked a clearer video of her, mind you the preparations that are shown I thought were interesting none the less. It’s a nice costume, though as always the head wings I just don’t understand.

I think I will be looking into some Morrigan costumes if for no other reason than to see what it is like to look like Morrigan if only a little bit.

Probably will not use fangs however…


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