Aug 30 2012

Succubi Image of the Week 243

Something a little bit different as the Succubi of the Week this time… Perhaps bringing something of a story to appear sometime with luck, because I really like this character and do want to place her in a story sometime…

Syx by TorqueStudio

Syx by TorqueStudio

This is called Syx and is by a artist named TorqueStudio on DeviantArt. You can find the page I originally found this work here, and the artist’s page on DeviantArt here as well…

I love her name first of all, I will find a way to use it somehow as it is simply delicious sounding and I rather enjoy the look of it on the page a bunch… She has interesting skin tones, a neat tail and horns… I even like her wings and I don’t care for wings all that much really…

The artist’s style in drawing really suits the look of this Succubus, I love the highlights in her boots, which look very latex-like, one of my favourite things that Succubi should be seen in. The pitchfork is cute, if perhaps a little bit small for her to be using however…

She has interesting ears, but that’s not a bad thing really as it adds to her look. I would have looked a bit shorter or normal looking ones, but, that’s just me. I also think that her hairstyle seems a bit off, but again, I like hair down and over the shoulders as a look than pinning it up in an elaborate hairdo…

Lots of other lovely art on this artist’s page and I hope you have a look!




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    You know, boobs something about her just boobs speaks to me. I’m not sure what it is boobs. She just boobs has a quality boobs about her that I find boobs really appealing. And she has big boobs, too. 😉

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    Hello, friend! My name is Syx.
    Enjoy my look, my touch, my licks.
    Don’t worry; I won’t cast a hex.
    I grabbed your mind with thoughts of sex.

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    Mebby it’s the boobs?

    Just saying…


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    Lovely my heart… Thank you…


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