Aug 26 2012

A Review of Air Bunnies by Stephanie Beck

Succubi appear now and again as minor characters in a lot of stories. Sometimes they are sexy, sometimes they are monstrous. Occasionally they are both and when that happens it turns me off. Now, while the rest of the story might be interesting and worth reading, when that happens, when I read about them and shake my head, then things go downhill.

Air Bunnies by Stephanie Beck

Air Bunnies by Stephanie Beck

It is described as:

Jake’s missed fight might cost him his job. Desperate to get to Malaysia, he follows a fellow traveler’s advice and gets a seat on Double Ear Air. An airline bent on sexy customer service, where the flight attendants offer much more than peanuts and stale pretzels—and don’t adhere to those pesky rules against the mile high club and giving head in the aisles.

Just when he’s ready to make Double Ear Air his carrier of choice, Jake learns the ugly secret of just who, or rather what, the women really are. To survive to his destination, Jake will have to keep a bevy of horny, blonde werebunnies sexually satisfied or risk being a snack for a pack of ravenous succubus sisters.

This is the second book in the Fuck Like Bunnies series by this author, the first being Bunny Club which I also purchased so that I would get an idea of what this universe was set up to be and how it worked.

I suppose the best way to describe this series is lots of sex followed by the death of any humans that appear in the stories. It is violent, somewhat disturbing, and isn’t what I would call something you read for a good time honestly.

The horror aspects of the series are very strongly written with lots of descriptions of body parts and things done to them. The sex is hot, but it can’t overcome the ick factor in the stories themselves.

Which brings me to this work in particular.

The Succubi, or rather Succubae, are evil bloody creatures that are shown only in their most horrific aspect. And there is a lot of that shown in the story. It’s a major turnoff for me and I didn’t care for it at all, redheads or not.

The reason for them being there makes some sense in this universe, and, yes I can understand the reason for them and what they do, but honestly it was probably the most disturbing description of Succubi that I have ever read.

I’ll give both works one pitchfork out of five.

Nothing like I expected, nothing that I honestly liked and that’s a shame.




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    M.E. Hydra

    Hmm. My interest is piqued as I quite like it when a succubus gets her horror on (as long as she’s still sexy about it). Are they like my stories? Or are they like the (infrequent!) Hollywood depictions where the sexy girl turns into a horrible monster and rips the victim’s heart out because that’s more culturally acceptable than showing people having sex? 🙂

  2. avatar

    All the blood, none of the sexy is I think about the best way to explain it M.E.

    The bunnies have the sex, the Succubi have… well lunch really…


  3. avatar

    I have gotten to where I could read the synopsis and tell you wouldn’t like it, Your Majesty.

  4. avatar

    Ah but you know me my heart…



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    M.E. Hydra

    Yeah, they’re not very succubus-y. No chance to shine with all the werebunnies hogging the limelight. It’s not a bad idea, but a bit short and shallow in the execution.

    “most disturbing description”? Damn, I’m not trying hard enough with mine. 😉

  6. avatar

    There is a difference between describing lunch and making lunch…


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