Aug 24 2012

Yet another Succubus case of art…

Last week I shared a case that had a Succubus drawn on it, and  before that, I shared another one as well that had more Succubus art shown on it… This week I’ll share the last of the three cases that I found from this seller on Amazon, and while it is the one I like the least of the three, that’s not to say it’s not a lovely work of art…

Devil Girl Case 3 by Penny Silver

I found this item on sale on Amazon.com here for those that might be interested in purchasing it for themselves… The artist is named Penny Silver and this is one of a series of works they have produced with a Devil Girl or Succubus theme to them.

I suppose that the things that I don’t like are her wings, mind you I never care for them in the first place anyway, and the clothing she is wearing, just think it could be a lot classier. I also don’t really like that it seems she has hooves as well which are something I really don’t like. I think the merging of her tail and those arcs behind her are interesting as it seems to create a number eight behind her which might signify something. I have no idea however what that could be.

I liked the theme that passed through all of these works of art in the flame-like leggings or thigh-highs that each of the Succubi here have… I really need to keep that idea in mind for some story someday…




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    I think that pair of arcs may well be an “S” for succubus.

    And the first link still takes me to “Storm Clouds.” Maybe the Realm is trying to tell me something . . .

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    I think the Realm is telling me that I need to do something…


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