Desires 42

Sometimes one can’t see oneself… Or can they?


Desires – Needs

By BFSlave and Tera S

Part Two


Sitting at the bar, he’s nursing a Coke. Just Coke. The blonde tending the bar laughed a littled when he ordered it. Nothing new there. Another thing that wasn’t new, he’s alone. All night… again. It wasn’t that he was ugly. True he wouldn’t turn heads, and didn’t, but he wasn’t exactly repulsive either. About 5’10”, thin (but not scrawny), short dark brown hair and blue eyes. But, he wasn’t a “player”.

Most people laugh at guys who were raised by their mother. Women more so than men usually. They didn’t seem to go for “mama’s boys”. Guys who weren’t aggressive. Guys that treated women with respect, not like another notch on their bedpost. Guys whose primary motivation seemed to be: get her drunk, get her in bed, get outta there. They always knew just what women wanted to hear. And so, they got the women. By morning, they were thrown away like so many used condoms. But they’d be back at the club. They’d meet another player. And the game would start all over again.

Don’t get confused. He’s talked to plenty of women, sitting there, nursing the only non-alchoholic drink served on any given night. But, he was just company. A nice, non-threatening guy to pass the time with, until a wolf crawled out of the crowd and she’d leave him with a “It was nice to meet you”. He’d get an occasional number, but it was always the same. The “F” word. They just wanted to be… friends. He didn’t mind. Really. He tells himself that a lot. And he sits there, wondering why he bothers coming here.

That’s when he saw…. her. He went breathless. Stunning didn’t describe her. Her watched her walk through the crowd with a grace and sophistication that set her part from the others. [i]Wow![/i] That was the only thing he could think. He got a good look at all of her in between dancers that suddenly stopped dancing and were as transfixed as he was. Black stilettos, long shapely legs covered in beautiful black hose. A little black dress that clung to the most amazing body he’d ever seen. Long, dark, curly hair kept him from seeing her eyes. Though he could see her red, full lips. She exuded a style, class and a powerful sensuality that was intoxicating. In a room full of hot chicks and sexy babes, she was the only truly beautiful woman.

She went to a secluded table and sat down. He had noticed, to his astonishment, guy after guy approaching her and being… shot down. He was stunned. These are the same guys that had every girl here eating out of their hand, and this amazing woman, that every guy (and he was sure, more than a few girls) would kill to be with was shewing them away like so many flies. Then it happened. He saw her eyes. It was like her classically beautiful and, frankly, flawless face was merely a setting for these glowing jewels. They were like emeralds being lit by some inner fire. He sure it was merely a trick of the light, but they truly looked like they were glowing. And they were looking at him, or rather into him. He had to be wrong. Someone like her can’t be looking at me. And yet, she was. And what’s more, he couldn’t look away.

..nor would she…




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    • James on August 21, 2012 at 1:34 pm

    Real women . . . the best women . . . don’t fall for the players. And this woman, I reckon, is better than the best.

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    • TeraS on August 26, 2012 at 5:49 pm

    Just a lil mebby…


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