Aug 17 2012

Another Neat Devil Girl Case

Sometime ago on the Tale, I shared a lovely case that had some Succubus art shown on it… It turns out that there are a few more cases made by the same person that also have similar art on them and so…

Devil Girl by Penny Silver

I found this item on sale on Amazon.com here for those that might be interested in purchasing it for themselves… The artist calls themselves Penny Silver and this is one of a series of works they have produced with a Devil Girl or Succubus theme to them.

It’s not my favourite one, that was the first one I shared, but this is a close second really. She’s in a really interesting pose, I like the thigh-high flame tipped boots she is wearing a lot too. A nice seductive smile adds to her charm for me as well.

What makes this second to the other one I shared is her face, which seems a bit odd to me, and that the art seems a little bit unfinished for some reason…

I have one more to share next week I think…




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    Her face looks to me as if, while her body appears to be presenting itself to us, she is actually claiming us.

    By the way, Your Majesty, the link to your first review actually ends up taking me to Storm Clouds.

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    Sorry my heart… I’ve removed that link for the moment and I will have to locate the one I am looking for…

    It is… somewhere…


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    No worries, Dear One.

    *Huggles from your heart*

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