Aug 11 2012

A cute Succubus YouTube Commercial…

I have to say that it’s rare that a short video on YouTube that has some tangential connection to Succubi makes me laugh… This short does that, and I have to say that it raises two questions…

And if you can’t see it here:


I really did laugh when this turned out to be a commercial… well, sort of one anyway…

The one question I would have is, what happens to the person, or persons, that serve the summons on the being of evil?

That has to be something really messy…

Didn’t think a lot of the Succubus herself, as always I want to see horns, tails and a lot more sensuality that can be seen in a YouTube video, but you can’t have everything can you?





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    You said the (very funny) commercial raised two questions, but you only raised one. Please allow me to guess at the other:

    If one is the sort of person who would hire this sort of lawyer, than can the succubus/incubus/other supernatural creature countersue for having received a very low quality soul?

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    You know me so very well my heart…


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    Question three: Who did the lawyer sell his soul to to get a sense of humour?

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    You know, that’s a good question Niall… I mean, professional courtesy would require that not happening… I think?


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