Aug 09 2012

Succubi Image of the Week 240

I decided that for this week’s Succubi I wanted something a little bit different, but with some echoes of my Succubi-self in it…

And this, I think really, matches that quite well…

Dark Lizzy by Fabienmater and Mad

Dark Lizzy by Fabienmater and Mad

Now, this is a collaborative effort of three people on DeviantArt actually. The line art is by Mad Stalfos, the colouring is by Fabienmater and the character Lizzy herself is owned by Angel Dia Guarda. And you can find the original page on DeviantArt I found this work on here as well of course…

I really like this in so many ways… The tail is nice and long and red, my personal favourite kind. I love her wings, white and feathery is lovely and is close to my Succubi-self’s own black feathery ones… Love the casual modern look of her clothing, which again is my personal preference. Her horns are perhaps a bit largers than I like, but they look good on her too…

She’s a lovely sexy, confident looking Succubi and I can see her being one of the the Succubi in my Realm so very easily…

Do visit the links here for more lovely art!



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