Two Things to Learn by Legion

There is a thread on the Garden, who’s link you can see in the sidebar here on the Tale… Members posit two words and then Legion, a wonderful writer and dear friend on the Garden to me and so many others, writes a story about them.

In this case, my hero Fzzy asked for a story from Legion with two very specific and important words in it as he recounted…

FZY asked me to do a unique one for Soldier/Succubi.  Now, obviously, when dealing with a Succubi you have to treat it with the utmost care.  Especially since I know how much work and how important that wonderful world is to Tera.  So, after getting an ok from both of them, I hammered this one out.  FZY was pleased, which makes me happy because I looked at this as a B-Day gift, and Tera approved too and even offered a few friendly corrections. Maybe I am just silly, but I just will never dip my toe into writing about Tera’s world without her permission, just because I know all the special reasons behind its creation.  So, anyway, hope everyone else likes it:

I most certainly do and thank Legion for adding to The Realm’s mythos…



Two Things to Learn

By Legion

I am a soldier.  I stand for my country.  I have been trained to defend, to protect, to fight, and even to kill.  I sacrifice for others and I do it willingly.  I face things most people do not understand and I deal with them in ways some do not approve.  But those that don’t approve don’t understand that I am standing for them too.  But I am not invincible.  I have doubts and fears.  I grow weary like anyone else.  But I am different from most people when I have to deal with my doubts, fears, and weariness.  Because I have to stand for my country.

I am a succubi.  I stand for a balance.  I have the skills to seduce, to heal a soul, to take a soul, and even to love.  I am mischievous and caring.  I live in a world that most don’t know exist or fully understand and I live in the world of humans too.  The balance I offer is both of the soul and the heart.  And sometimes it is for the other and sometimes it is for me… and sometimes it’s for both.   I am different from humans, with a tail and a pair of horns.  But I am human enough to need a hero from time to time too.

John slipped quietly into the bar.  He took off the camo hat that matched his fatigues. It really wasn’t the time of day to be visiting a bar and, to no surprise, he found it empty.  That suited him well since he really hadn’t come here to drink.  He had come here to be alone with his thoughts.  And maybe have one drink.

It was harder at the barracks.  There, he was surrounded by everything he was.  He saw the uniforms, heard the orders, and followed the code.  He always believed in that life and that code.  He did, even in this very second.  But he was also human and had doubts and fears.

With the second decade of his service coming up on him he had started to feel melancholy.  He supposed he could talk to one of those base shrinks, but he didn’t know a soldier who did that willingly unless they were in an impossibly bad way.  John wasn’t in a bad way.  But he had started noticing more and more the other soldiers that had wives, children, and families.  He had started noticing because he didn’t have any of that.

When he had joined up he had only been looking for a combination of serving his country and adventure.  But after being in more than his share of battles, his thirst for adventure had been more than quenched.  But his desire to serve his country had only grown upon seeing what his country needed defending against.

It was with this thought that kept him from making ties.  He had friends that he laughed with and enjoyed being with.  He had women he had shared nights of passion with.  But the friends were not family… not the kind of long term ties that came from wives and children.  And the women he had spent nights with were certainly not it either.

But now he was seeing that, while country was worth fighting for, in fact needed to be fought for, he was missing the simple pleasures of family.  His married friends had laughed lightly at his ‘lack of ties’ and he had laughed back.  But inside… he wondered if he would serve his country and that would be all.  He found he wanted more.

He settled into the bar stool and took a couple of peanuts from the bowl on the bar.  The TV mumbled softly in the background and the dimness of the bar helped him blend in.  The irony did not escape him that he had come to a bar to be alone… because he had doubts about being alone.

Then he heard a soft, pleasant, and musical voice, “What can I get for you soldier?’’

Terri stared into the mirror and calmly combed her ebony hair.  She took careful care to make sure that it flowed around the two small pointed horns on her head.  She could focus and they would fade naturally, but when she was alone, she liked seeing herself as she really was.  She noticed a red tail swaying slightly behind her and gave it a small smile.

Terri rose and began to get dressed, never sure where she was going.  That was the nature of who she was as a succubi.  They were pulled to where they were needed.  Someone might need a bit of adventure or a comeuppance and she would be there to be sure they got what they needed.  It was the nature of her mystic race, to provide balance and, in return, to feed slightly on the souls of those that they brought balance to.

Terri had lived many uncountable years and had enjoyed her people’s method of bringing that kind of balance, with the typical mischief of the succubi.  But she had begun admitting to herself that she had not been feeling it fully of late.  It wasn’t that she didn’t want to be a succubi anymore, but it was more of the balance of her own existence.

She had offered men and women of the mortal world dreams and desires that had restored their balance in infinite amount of ways.  She had turned people to robots, had added the tail of a mermaid to her horns as she danced in the sea.  She had laughed as those that had been cruel had received many a fantastic surprise.  It was part of the life she loved.

Every time she fed slightly on the power of their souls.  She didn’t steal them as she was a succubi, not a demon.  But hers bonded with theirs in the heat of the moment and in that bonding she fed.  She felt their very essence and it was more than pleasure, it was rapture.  But in that bonding she saw many different sides of the worlds, including the bonds her subjects had with others.

Terri’s succubi bond was always a very faint connect, she would and could, find anyone she had bonded with.  But the connections she had felt had run deeper, been far stronger, and had, quite frankly, made her start longing for such a connection.  It wasn’t unheard of for a succubi to feel that way.  Even the Queen had.  But it also wasn’t done often and it wasn’t like she wanted to connect with just anyone.  It was the simple fact that, after seeing the bonds that humans and their families made… she wanted a deeper kind of connection like that.

She had connections.  She had them to her sisters and to those that she had bonded with.  But those were all different.  They weren’t the kind of bond and the kind of connection that put fire in her.  Her sisters were a connection of family love and playfulness and her connection to those humans she had bonded with… they were more like keeping a snapshot of that person to look at and remember, except the snapshot was in her being.

She just wanted… she wanted someone different.  Someone she could talk to… trust… have fun with because she wanted to and not because it was her nature.

Maybe she wanted love.  She wasn’t sure, but… it was all so complicated.

But what could she do about it?

She was still mulling it over when she walked through her door and found herself in a dim bar.  There was only one man there and he sat quietly, not really looking for anyone.  He wore the camo fatigues that marked him as a soldier and that interested Terri.

She hadn’t seen many soldiers prone to melancholy.

She walked up and smiled when she realized her pick of clothes matched the bar landscape.  It always did.

“What can I get for you soldier?’’ she said with a soft smile.

John looked up and saw a very attractive waitress standing in front of him.  She had ebony hair and a amused look on her face.  She reminded John of the occasional flings he had over the years.  But despite her looks, John sensed something more about her.

He tried to forget his earlier thought that he hadn’t come here to drink, “Well, I’m really not thirsty.”

She smiled, “Funny place to come if you’re not thirsty.”

He had to admit that she had a point, “Just give me a shot of whiskey then.”

She nodded and continued talking, “I’m Terri by the way.”

He watched her shuffle through the bottles, “I’m John,” he said absently.

Terri nodded, set the bottle down, and started to clean the glass as she watched John.  She could tell that he was definitely in turmoil about something.  Succubi had the ability to sense things and people that were out of balance, but that sense didn’t tell them WHAT was out of balance.  That is what they talked to the people for.

She started to pour him a shot and gave him her best smile. It wasn’t that hard considering how handsome he was, “Soldier sitting in a bar that doesn’t want to drink?  Sounds like things are on your mind.”

John took the glass and turned it around in his hand.  Once again, she DID have a point.  But despite what most believed, you didn’t tell everything to your bartender, no matter how beautiful she was.

“Yeah, you could say that.  Just the typical life things getting me down I guess,” he said as he took a small sip of the whiskey.

Terri tilted her head somewhat surprised.  He didn’t sound in turmoil as much as he had sounded… well, weary.  Hadn’t she heard the same kind of tone in her own thoughts before coming here?  It was an odd coincidence and one she tried to dismiss.

“Life stuff isn’t any easier for a soldier than it is for the rest of us is it?” Terri said, trying to draw him out.

John shrugged and made an attempt at humor, “Well, only when we can’t shoot it.”

Terri laughed in spite herself.  It was good that someone like this wasn’t so far down that they had lost their sense of humor.  But still, whatever was bothering John was something that needed to be dealt with or else she wouldn’t have been drawn here.

Inwardly, Terri mulled over what to do.  Usually the trick was to get them to tell her what it was that was causing the chaos and then tailor the solution around that knowledge.  But with John being so guarded, not surprising given who he was, she would have to fall back to a succubi backup.

“Care for another?” she said idly, as she wiped down the top of the bar.

John mulled over the small shot.  It really hadn’t been that much and he decided one more would be all right.  It might give him that perfect amount of buzz without making him roaring drunk.

“Hmm, yeah ok.  But that’s it,” he said firmly.

Terri nodded, impressed that he wasn’t willing to drown his troubles in a bottle.  But it meant that this would be her best chance.

She grabbed the bottle again and made a show of staring at him, it wasn’t that hard either, and “How long have you been in the service?”

He looked back at her and enjoyed her smile, “Oh, a long time.  I actually… Ahhh!”

John cried out as a splash from the bottle dropped a fair amount of whisky on his pants.

Terri’s eyes widened in, what she hoped, was convincing surprise, “OH!  I’m so sorry!  I wasn’t paying any attention!  Are you ok?”

John, to his credit, took it all in fairly good humor, “Yeah, I’m ok… though I’m gonna smell like I had a lot more to drink than I did.”

Terri winced and pulled a dry towel from behind the counter, “Here, you can use this.  If you want to, the bathrooms are back there and you can at least get the smell off.”

John took the towel with thanks but wondered why she didn’t wet it herself or simply have him come around the counter.

Probably because it’s a bar, we’re alone, and she doesn’t want a stranger to come behind the counter where she couldn’t easily get away.

“Ok, thanks.  I’ll be right back,” and he headed to the bathroom.

Terri watched him for a moment, surprised that she felt slightly guilty at the mild deception.  But she had to help him and though it would mean that she would go into that help a little dark, she needed a way to implement her backup.  She followed John as far as the bar would allow and spotted the door to the bathroom.  A few soft whispered words went out from her lips.

John was gently rubbing the large whiskey stain in his fatigues as he started to open the door to the men’s room….

He walked into the room and smiled at Terri, his newly minted bride.  She had taken off the more cumbersome parts of her wedding dress and had her back to him as she looked out the window.  She always did love looking at the sunset.

John walked over and doffed his dress coat on a nearby chair.  She looked as radiant as she had been when he had first met her.  Without a word he slipped his arms around her waist and chest.  For a moment she tensed in surprise but then gently relaxed into his embrace.

Terri wasn’t sure what she had been expecting but it hadn’t been this.  She had called a door that would lead John to his desires, with her at the center.  But this… this wasn’t the kind of thing she had ever seen.  This wasn’t a kind of fetish or a heated desire of passion.  This was… this was very different.

She had dealt with people who desired companionship before.  Usually that meant far more physicality than emotional bonds.  Far too many humans linked passion with intimacy and so when their balance needed to be restored, all it took was something intense, something to make them realize what they had could lead to what they wanted.

But this… this was different.  She actually felt a sudden… connection to John.  She thought back to her earlier thoughts before coming her and wondered whose desires this really was.  She had been longing for a kind of deeper bond and as she looked at the wedding ring on her finger, that she knew was a fantasy, she found herself wishing it wasn’t

When John embraced her she felt herself tense automatically, even though she knew he was there.  But it felt so… good.  It felt right, even though this should just be a fantasy to help John, not to help her.  Had she done something wrong when she called for this?

She felt John gently pull her around to face him.  Part of the fantasy was that he believed it totally.  In his eyes, he hadn’t just been in a bar, he had just come from… marrying her.  Was that what had been troubling him so much?

John looked at Terri and saw a faint glimmer of confusion in her eyes, “Hey, are you ok?” he said concerned.

Despite this hitting closer to home for her than she liked, Terri rallied quickly and slipped into her role.  She was a Succubi after all and she had a great deal of practice.

“I’m fine,” she said with a smile, “How about you?  Glad the day is over?”

He made a point to make a show of thinking it over, then shook his head, “No… not really.  Since I never thought this day would come, I don’t want it to end?”

Terri slipped into gathering information mode, despite the fact his words had, once again, hit a bit too close, “What do you mean?  Did you think I would back out?” she said with a playful air she didn’t fully feel.

“No… it’s not that,” he said and Terri saw his eyes start to go slightly unfocused, “It’s just… it seems like just yesterday I was seeing other guys like me… other soldiers… and they were so happy with their family, their kids, and their ties.  And when I looked at them and realized how long I had served and didn’t have that… I kind of believed it would never happen.  I guess I never imagined I would have a connection with someone like that… like I have with you.”

Terri felt a lump in her throat that she really didn’t know what to do with.  What he had said… it sounded like only a slightly modified version of her thoughts before meeting him.  She had thought about love… about connections, real connections.

She tried to hide her discomfort by leaning in and kissing him.  It caught him off guard for a second but he was returning the kiss in no time.  She felt herself melt a bit in his embrace and found she liked the feel.  She liked it far more than she had liked any other kiss.

John pushed her back as their kiss continued and Terri gave a small cry of surprise when she fell back into the bed.  She looked up and expected to see him looking at her with hungry eyes that smoked with passion.  But instead she saw the kind of desire that mirrored her own.

It was the most basic of desires… to not be alone in the heart.

He fell on top of her and started to run his hands over her body and Terri found that she didn’t want him to.  This was a fantasy.  She wasn’t his wife.  She found that she was actually putting her desires ahead of what his… or was she?

Maybe it wasn’t just John who needed balance and their desires met.

“John… wait…” she said, though she had never felt more conflicted, “turn off the light at least.

John rose from his place of kissing her and smiled down at her, “Since when did you become modest?”

“Please…” she said softly.

John wasn’t sure why it was suddenly so important to her but didn’t mind.  He rose and walked over to the switch and turned the lights off and darkness filled the room.

A moment later there was another click of a switch and the lights came up in the bar.

John stood by the switch and blinked hard.  He shook his head to clear it.  He had been with… his wife?  But he wasn’t married.  He had walked into the bathroom and had been someplace else.  He had still been himself but things had been different.  The thoughts of earlier… of wanting ties… it had been gone.  He had a bond, a link with someone… Terri… his wife… his bartender.

But that made no sense.  But he remembered seeing her just a second ago in the remains of a wedding dress.  He remembered feeling so much more at peace knowing she was there.  But both things couldn’t be true.  He felt a mild surge of panic and wondered if he was losing his mind.

“John…” a familiar voice said softly from the corner of the bar.

Terri stood there, dressed as the bartender she had been earlier, he could only see her leg, a bit of her chest, and a slice of her face because she was pressed against a corner.  She looked like she was ready to run at a moment’s notice.

“What the hell is going on here?” he said firmly, he was beginning to think that she had put something in that drink she had given him and was ready to go at her.

But the single eye he saw wasn’t filled with anything but confusion and sadness, “John… I… I know this is strange and you’re confused.  I just… I had to stop.  I didn’t expect this.”

John looked at her in confusion.  She seemed genuinely confused and upset.  It didn’t seem like someone that had malicious intent.  But what HAD she done?  He could see the room they had been in clearly as he saw the bar.  How had she done that?

The side of her face he could see had a pained look, “I know you were just someplace else and you are right.  I did that.  I was trying to help but… but I realized that maybe we are both out of balance about the same thing.  I just didn’t realize it about me.”

John looked at her more confused than ever, “I don’t… what do you mean out of balance?  How was making me think you were my wife help me?”

The one eye of Terri’s that John could see closed tightly for a second and then she stepped out in front of him fully.  John’s eyes went wide when he saw her.

She was a devil.

She had two small, narrow horns on her head and behind her a shapely red tail twitched slightly.  She still looked like she had in both the bar and their ‘married’ lie but she was clearly something else.  But she didn’t look threatening.  In fact, she looked… upset.

Most people, when confronted by a devil girl would run for the hills.  But being a soldier, John had seen his share of surprising and frightening things and he didn’t flinch.  But it WAS a new one for sure.

“What… are you?  Is this a joke?” he said softly.

She shook her head, “No, it’s not a trick.  I’m what’s called a succubi.  I’m a creature that helps those in turmoil through fantasy… usually involving… sex.  I bond with them a little… help them see what they can do to get through the turmoil… to find balance again.”

John dimly remembered his fantasy knowledge and took a guarded step forward, “But… don’t you… like… kill people when you have sex with them?”

Terri sighed heavily and shook her head, “No… that’s a succubus.  That’s a very evil myth that was started years ago about my kind.  It’s why we do what we do in secret now.  When we link during sex we take in a touch of that person’s energy.  It keeps us alive.  But we never take enough to harm… we can’t… anymore than you can reach farther than your arm allows.”

John found himself being a touch less tense… but only a touch, “So… you’re like… a sex fairy or something?”

Despite the clear turmoil on her face Terri smiled and chuckled at that, “Well… I never heard it put quite like that.  But… sort of.  But we want to give far more than we take.  We try to restore balance to people’s souls and in return we take a slight energy from them to keep on living.”

John felt himself more at ease at her words.  Her whole body language seemed contrite and non hostile.  But what she had done… it hadn’t helped him.  It made him realize how great a bond could be and she stopped it.

“You knew how I was feeling. You came here to help me find… balance… or whatever.  But… I don’t feel any better,” he paused thinking about the turmoil her illusion had brought up, “In fact, showing me what isn’t real made it worse.”

Open shame fell on Terri’s face and she bowed her head and her tail dipped low, “I know,” she said quietly, “I broke it before it was finished.  It’s why you remember it so clearly instead of as a dream that would inspire you.  I broke it off… because… everything you said… about ties, bonds… I… I had been feeling the same.  I didn’t know if what was happening was for you… or for me.”

She closed her eyes a moment looking ashamed, “I was afraid I was using you for my needs and not realizing I was doing it… or if… maybe our needs were the same.  So I stopped it.  I panicked… I haven’t done that in hundreds of years… I don’t know why. “

She opened her eyes and looked right at his, “I’m so sorry.”

John looked at the woman.  His eyes were still drawn to her head and the tail that hung rather limply given her sad state.  He was still processing all of this… a devil girl… succubi… a fantasy… needing bonds… it was all a lot to take in.

But a thought hit him, “Wait… you’re not… you’re not suppose to show me… this,” he waved his finger at his head to note her horns, “are you?”

She shook her head sadly, “No.  We are supposed to work in secret.  It just causes too much confusion among people and my kind if we announce ourselves.”

“Then why did you show yourself to me?  You could have just left, or been Terri the bartender again.  Hell, you could have just left and I would have thought you drugged me.  Why did you stay?  Why tell me and show me all this?”

Terri had a look that was a combination of shy and miserable, “Because that wouldn’t have been fair to you.  It would have made your turmoil worse.  It wasn’t fair that because I got confused and because of my feelings, you had to suffer.”

To his own surprise, he found himself taking a few steps toward her, “But that doesn’t explain why you showed me… you.”

Terri tried to look everywhere but where he was, “Because… like I said… I felt the same… when you said how you thought you never would have a tie to someone… I felt the same.  I wanted… I wanted you to see me… the real me.”

John found himself standing in front of her, her head looking away.  He wasn’t bothered by the difference in her appearance anymore.  In his travels John had heard every kind of lie and boast.  He had heard emotions of pure fear and of pure joy and he could tell she was telling the truth.  She had tried to help… she had cared.  She had gone beyond her duty as a… succubi and had put him before her duties.

Something stirred inside him.  He wasn’t sure if it was from the fantasy she had shown him, or if it had come from her fearless honesty, but he felt it all the same.

Surprising even himself, he took her chin lightly in his fingers and turned her to face him.  A second later their lips met.

When Terri backed away, John noticed with dim amusement that her tail swung wildly now.  She looked at him in surprise, “What…?”

He smiled, “I still need a connection… a bond.  I’m still ‘out of balance’ you said.  And since you seem to think you are too… maybe we can fix that together.”

Terri looked shocked but a touch hopeful, “But… I can’t… I can’t marry you… I’m a succubi… we can’t…”

John nodded, “And I’m a soldier.  You have a duty and I have mine.  It’s not as much a marriage as it is… a bond.”

“Are you sure?” she said faintly.

He didn’t answer.  He just pulled her into another kiss and this time she didn’t back away.  She kissed back and a moment later their arms were entwined.

She felt slightly warmer than he expected.  But she was infinitely soft and his hands felt that softness as they explored her bare arms and hands.  She moaned softly and began to kiss behind his neck, lightly licking his skin and he moaned in return.

John gently pushed her back against the wall and proceeded to explore her body.  Terri, more excited than she could ever remember being, started to explore his.  Hands and lips roamed over every inch of their bodies and before long the soft rustle of clothing filled the bar.

Terri giggled lightly as he paused in slipping off her jean shorts.  He had never taken off the pants of someone with a tail.  But Terri’s tail obediently pointed straight down and the shorts slipped off without any real trouble.

A few moments later they were pressed together feeling a heat and desire that both had not known had been so deep inside them.  Terri felt his strength and powerful sense of caring.  She realized that’s where his desire to be a soldier came from… a desire to help.  John felt Terri’s kindness and compassion.  The illusion brought on by her horns and tail as ‘evil’ was so far removed from who she was.  Both took each other in and hungered for more.

Terri shivered with shocked delight as John reached up and lightly kissed her horns.  No one had ever done that before, because she had never shown her true self before.  It was beyond wonderful it was ecstasy.

John felt a soft curl around his back and realized that Terri’s tail was caressing him as gently as her fingers.  It felt unique and wonderful and it made him realize how fortunate he had been that Terri had been drawn to him.

They moved against each other and in each other. Both were riding a wave of desire, passion, and need that neither had ever experienced with another lover and never would feel with anyone else.  They had both longed for a bond, a tie beyond the constraints of duty and need and now, in the lovemaking they were making one.

The heat between them rose and built.  Soft words had given way to loud moans and quakes of pure pleasure in their bodies.  The bond grew stronger, more complete as they both road each other.  They both felt it and it only drove them harder and faster into each other with the desire for more.

Their sweat soaked bodies were near their limit and both felt the fire roar up and they knew it would be like nothing either had felt.  When the fire fully engulfed them both, both threw back their heads and cried out in the forge of bonding pleasure they were both experiencing.  For them and their needs, it was rapture, a nirvana, and an ecstasy all rolled into one.

Both shook hungrily for more but their bodies rejected it.  They sank to the ground in utter exhaustion and simply took great comfort in knowing what they had just forged together.

Both knew that Terri would move on with her duties of being a Succubi and that John would move on with his duties as a soldier.  Both knew that the other would do things without each other.  But they also both knew that they would never be farther than a thought from each other and that they would always be there for each other.  They would be there for love, for comfort, for passion, or anything else the other would need.

It wasn’t a marriage as it was a bond.

When they were finally able to move, both rose and shyly dressed.  They looked at each other and each saw gratitude and deep emotion.  When they had finished dressing, Terri rose and kissed him deeply one last time.  She reached inside his camo and her fingers drew two small horns on the edges of his shoulder blades.  He knew what it meant.  He was hers.  She was his.

With a last longing look she turned and walked out of the bar.  John knew that if he followed she would be gone.  But he also knew, without any doubt, she would always come back when he needed her.  And he would do the very same for her.

Feeling like he had been reborn, John headed out and headed back to the barracks.


Many, many thanks to Legion for this gift, and to my hero for suggesting it…




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    • James on August 6, 2012 at 10:04 am

    A wonderful story from Legion, and a wonderful new character in Terri. I hope we can see her–and John–again.

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    • FZY1 on August 14, 2012 at 5:36 am

    Legion is one heck of a Good Writer.

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    • TeraS on August 26, 2012 at 5:38 pm

    I hope so…


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