Jul 27 2012

The Devil Made Me Do It by SteamPueo

Once again I was looking on Etsy.com and found, to my delight, a wonderful piece of Succubus Art to share on the Tail this week…

The Devil Made Me Do It by Achille Broennimann

The Devil Made Me Do It by Achille Broennimann

Now on Etsy.com, this artist also calls themselves SteamPueo, and you can find the page I found this art here and their artist’s page here as well…

The artist describes this watercolour as what that little voice in your head looks like… You know, not the voice with the halo…. as they describe this work to be…

I rather like the look of this Succubus, her ears I think are both ears and horns in this artist’s creation, and her tail hints at being Succubish in nature even without the spaded, or heart shaped, tip that normally appears for them…

I really haven’t found much art of Succubi in water colours either, and I think that it lends itself nicely to the sensuality of a Succubus. It, at least to me, softens their form and just makes them look so much more beautiful and that’s something that I really do like…

Please d visit this artist’s page and have a look at the many piece of art he has created in both the fantasy and steampunk worlds!



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    Funny, the succubi voice in my head is connected to the better angels of my nature . . . I wonder if it’s a problem in me or the artist . . .

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