Jul 25 2012

This is a Devil Girl Costume? Seriously?

It amazes me sometimes what costumes look like. It amazes me more when a costume is described as being the greatest thing ever and it obviously just isn’t. In the case of Devil Girl, or Succubus costumes, if the costume isn’t sexy, then it follows that it isn’t…

Like this one.
Faces Devils Costume
This… thing… is called the Devil’s Face costume for obvious reasons, but the real question is, why bother with this?

Setting that aside for a moment, this… costume, if you want to call it that, comes with the printing devil face top,  the pitchfork adorned skirt, gloves, headdress and stockings. Shoes are not included of course, though it really wouldn’t matter if they did.

And it sold for $80 US originally, but can be found as cheap as $20 US on the web.

If you looked up the word “tacky” in the dictionary, I wonder if you would find a picture of this disaster there as it does, really, qualify as being that and then some…

I don’t like anything here at all. The stockings are nothing special, the skirt is lousy, the top is ugly, the headpiece is nothing, especially since it has no horns. The gloves aren’t anything to write home about as well.

In short, why does this exist in the first place for all of the utter ugly that it projects? Not to mention that the devil’s face just makes the rest of the costume vanish into the background for the amount of ugly that it brings into the light.,,

I’m giving this costume zero pitchforks out of five and that’s being generous…

Don’t just leave it on the shelf, push it into the trash and do the world a favour…




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